KX1 KX2 Replacement Tuning Knob

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Replacement knob for the KX1 and KX2

Includes the correct sized allen wrench for installation of the new knob.

This is a high quality upgraded VFO Knob for the Elecraft KX-2 or KX-1.  It is brand new, and is sized to replace the existing small VFO knob on the KX-2 or KX-1, making QSY much quicker and smoother.  

  • Higher quality and larger diameter than the stock plastic knob 

  • Solid Aluminum construction, yet only adds 0.7oz to the overall weight of your radio. (weight based on KX-2 knob replacement)

  • Same height as the stock knob, so you should not encounter any problems fitting your radio into its existing case

  • Features a very usable finger dimple for fast scanning across the band

  • Simple installation

For the KX2: 

Simply remove your existing knob and put this new one in its place.  The original knob is just a friction fit, and pulls straight up and off. 

For installation of the new knob, we've included the proper allen wrench to fit the set screw.  Once installed, the knob should clear the clear plastic LCD cover on the radio when fully seated on the VFO post.  If it does not (due to slight tolerances in the plastic LCD covers position), simply loosen the set screw, lift the knob a tiny bit (< 1mm) upward so it clears, and re-tighten.  As an alternative, you may slightly loosen the four screws that hold the plastic LCD cover on, slightly shift it towards the back of the radio to give the knob more clearance, and then re-tighten the screws.

The knob has been sized to be the absolute largest that will fit without extending into the screen area without covering anything important or encroaching on the surrounding buttons too much.

For the KX1:  

You will need a slightly larger allen wrench than the one wqe've included in order to remove the existing knob from your radio.  Once the old knob is off, install the new knob, tighten down the set screw, and you're ready to go!

This is a very nice upgrade if you are unhappy with the cheap-feeling knob that comes on the radio from the factory.  A quality knob can make a big difference in the impression that the user gets of a radio, and we feel that this knob really brings out the best in the KX2 or KX1.