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Palm Pico Paddle Single


The Palm Pico Paddle Single is a great addition to the Palm family. 

All the features of the two paddle version in the popular single paddle format.

We supply it with the optional magnetic base that allows it to be attached to your radio.  Treat yourself to the best in portable paddles for a lifetime of pleasurable operating. Supplied in rugged carry case with paddle, base and lead.

  • Paddle can be retracted into the housing and is thus optimally protected during transport.
  • Rigid square cross-section housing, for maximum versatility and protection. Available in black or silver.
  • Case size only 15x15x50 mm or 0,6x0,6x2 inch (WxHxD) - the smallest series production paddle in the world!
  • Weight only 14 grams: with PP QuickMount complete only 27.3 grams.
  • Two separate adjustment screws per paddle allow individual adjustment of spring tension and contact gap.
  • Firmly seated with no play in the paddles.
  • Gold-plated contacts ensure long life and reliability.
  • Travel Case, Connection cable with 3.5 mm jack plug, PP QuickMount with integrated Allen key and instructions included.

The new connecting cables for the Pico Paddle Single are very thin, but robust and flexible. They have a length of 70 cm (2.3 feet) and carry one 2.5 mm (1/10 inch) plug on one end, the other end has a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) plug for connection to the transceiver or keyer.


KX2/KX3 Mounting Kit



Photo shows standard Pico Paddle

This mounting kit is designed to attach the Pico Paddle Single in a stable and ergonomically correct way to your Elecraft KX2/KX3. It is mounted to the front with two countersunk screws in the middle of the radio. If the key is not being used, it remains in the "park" position. To operate, the Pico Paddle Single is simply pushed out of its protective housing and rotated to the desired working position. The angle here is freely selectable. You can align the key to the right, but also set it right to the middle of the KX2/KX3. In the design of the bracket we were also thinking of the left-handed, you can just as easily swing the key to the left side. The Pico Paddle Single is connected by a highly flexible braided cable with a crimped 4-pin connector and is plugged into the front "Key2" jack of the KX3 - thus no cable in the way. See video below for details.

FT817 Mounting Kit

The Mounting Kit MK-817 is the perfect way to attach your Pico Paddle Single to your FT-817. A PP QuickMount (without the anti skid pads) is screwed to an existing thread of the FT-817 with the supplied mounting materials. The Pico Paddle is then mounted "upside down". A suitable tilt stand is indispensable - e.g. we recommend the Palm "Peg Leg". The connection of the paddle uses a thin and highly flexible cable with the very small "Pico Paddle special plug" (Palm Radio's own miniature 2.5 mm stereo jack) on one side, at the other end there is a 3.5 mm stereo angle plug mounted. The cable runs to the rear at the bottom of the FT-817 and is plugged into the "Key" jack of the radio, this allows comfortable CW operation without a disturbing paddle lead in the way. See video below for details.