Replacement battery for Atlas DCA, LCR, ESR and Atlas IT. 23A 12V MN21 equiv.

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High quality alkaline 12V battery for most of the Peak Atlas family of instruments. 

Key Features

  • Highly leak resistant.
  • High capacity alkaline chemistry.
  • Ideal for many of the Peak Atlas instruments.
  • Long shelf life, ideal for spares.
  • Suitable for many applications including alarm remotes etc.
  • Direct replacement for the Duracell MN21.
Voltage 12V typ
Capacity 55mAh typ
Chemistry Alkaline (Manganese Dioxide)
Dimensions 10.0dia x 28.0mm (0.4" x 1.1")
Equivalents MN21, GP23, GP23AE, 23A, V23GA
Shelf Life Not less than 95% of service life for 1 year
storage at 20°C;
Not less than 85% of service life for 3 year
storage at 20°C


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