Replacement speaker for FT-817/857

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Replacement speaker makes your FT-817/857 sound like a new radio!

***A quick and easy upgrade for any FT-817***

Powerful 2 Watt speaker makes your radio sound louder and brighter.

Mylar cone is waterproof - unlike the paper/card cone on the stock radio - great for portable operating.

Suitable for all versions of the FT-817 and FT-857.

Easy to fit. Click here for FT-817 instructions.

Don't want to fit it yourself? Stephen M0HET will fit it for you. Click here for his details.

Price is for one (1) speaker. We recommend that you keep one in stock as a spare.

W = 57 mm H = 12 mm. Likely to be suitable for FT-897 (not confirmed).

 This item is stocked as a result of a customer recommendation. He loved his replacement speaker and thought more people should have access to this great product. Thanks to Chris (G7DDN).


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  • 5
    Replacement speaker for FT817nd.

    Posted by Les Virgo on 27th Aug 2018

    After the original speaker in my FT817nd recently failed I was very pleased to see that Sotabeams had released a Mylar cone speaker to suit the'817. I have had previous experience with Mylar cone speakers in my working life. I ordered 1 & received it quite quickly. The replacement process was quick & painless as the speaker was a perfect fit. When I switched the radio on I was rewarded with much better audio & again I am satisfied with my Sotabeams deal. Les, VK5KLV.

  • 5
    Replacement speaker for FT-817

    Posted by Mike on 5th Aug 2018

    Good speaker, easily fitted and does the job well.

  • 5
    FT-817 loudpeaker

    Posted by John on 3rd Aug 2018

    Easy to fit and improves the sound quality.
    But very expensive....

  • 4
    Replacement speaker for Yaesu FT-817ND

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jul 2018

    This new speaker was easy to fit, and gives improved output over the original paper cone type.

  • 5
    Speaker for ft-817

    Posted by Mike G on 9th Jun 2018

    Easy to fit. Better sound than the original, but you must reuse the rubbber edge seal and magnet surround of the original.

  • 5
    Great upgrade

    Posted by SM7IUN on 8th Jun 2018

    Clear improvement in sound quality and output. Also less susceptible to damage by e.g. moisture. Very pleased.

  • 5

    Posted by TERRY SAYNER on 1st Jun 2018

    The sound now out of the 817 is better after replacing the speaker.

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    Didn't buy from here but....

    Posted by G7TAO on 21st Apr 2018

    Ok, so I sourced my speaker 6 months ago, direct from a German Model Railway re-seller after reading VK3BQ's how-to guide. I do buy regular 817 lines Sotabeams for the record.

    The speaker is a great upgrade, audio is noticeable better, even with my rubbish hearing. The quality is good, size is like for like with the stock yeasu speaker.

    Plus factor is the Mylar construction, it means less worries over damp conditions finding its way into paper speaker cones.

    Really worth the effort and expense!!