WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor

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The WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor


Review by Michael G0POT  

Transform your listening experience with the WOLFWAVE. So easy to use and so amazing to hear.

WOLFWAVE simply connects to the headphone output of your radio. This is a product that is set to grow as we add more facilities. It's up-dateable by users using USB.ww-flow-diagram1.jpg


Click here to download a short data sheet highlighting features for SSB and CW (updated Sept 2019)

Click here to view a video about some of the latest enhancements (posted 1-October-2019)

Click here to read review from Practical Wireless (July 2019, used with permission)

Click here to get the latest firmware (latest release 10-September-2019)

  • NEW - three exciting binuaral modes for SSB and CW
    • Unique spatial effects to enhance your listening experience
  • NEW - ten individually adjustable notches
    • Tailor the passband to your exact requirements
  • NEW - left-right balance control
    • One ear better than the other - no problem!
  • Morse decoder PHOTO
    • displays incoming CW on your WOLFWAVE screen
  • Fully adjustable audio band-pass filtering
    • instantly adjustable for voice, data and CW (b/w 50 Hz to 5 kHz) VIDEO
  • State-of-the-art adaptive noise reduction
    • 100 levels plus advanced control functions VIDEO
  • Adaptive tone eliminator
    • get rid of annoying carriers - but leave CW AUDIO
  • Age-related hearing loss correction
    • using ISO 7029:2017 median hearing-loss curves for males or females VIDEO
  • One-touch bypass function
    • see how much improvement your WOLFWAVE makes
  • Memories for your settings
    • easily store and recall your favorite settings
  • Bright, clear, spectrum display
    • see what's happening in your radio pass-band
  • Audio test generator including two-tone test mode
    • sine, square and triangular wave VIDEO
  • Experimental CW regenerator
    • enjoy noise-free CW QSOs VIDEO
  • On-screen help
    • so easy to use
  • Tuning/Overload LED
    • dual colour indicator makes tuning easy
  • User updatable firmware by USB
    • keep up with the latest developments
  • Speaker output: 1.1 Watts @ 10% THD [speaker output must not be grounded]
    • full power achieved when using 12 Volt external supply 
  • Separate speaker and headphone output
    • great for exhibition stations
  • Latency
    • 20 mS bypass, 60 mS filtering
  • Low current drain
    • 60 mA quiescent; battery-friendly!
  • Low power standby mode
    • less than 4 mA
  • Small size
    • 105W x 80D x 27H (mm)
  • Lightweight
    • 140 grams

WOLFWAVE is supplied with 1 x USB lead (power) and 1 x Audio lead (3.5mm jack plugs).   

Instructions and more information at www.WOLFWAVE.co.uk

Also available from our international agent(s):



Technical information

WOLFWAVE uses a high performance 32-bit ARM Cortex M7 processor. This is the highest performance processor of the energy-efficient ARM M-series. This powerful processor is paired up with a 20-bit CODEC and a 1.6 Watt audio amplifier for superb performance.

Facebook Group

There is an unofficial WOLFWAVE Facebook group here. It's a good place for user-to-user support and also to suggest new features that you would like to see in this exciting product.


Q. How does WOLFWAVE compare to other similar portable devices? A. Click here for our handy comparison.

Q. Where can I find out more about WOLFWAVE? A. Our blog carries some further examples. Also see the WOLFWAVE website.

Q. Can I try WOLFWAVE before I buy one? A. Yes you can. Make a high quality recording of some audio that you want to hear processed (max. 2 mins.). Upload it to Clyp.it (free) and send us the link. We will process it and let you hear the results.

Q. Will a WOLFWAVE improve the filtering in my FT817/818

A. Yes. The attached plot shows the standard FT817/818 filter (green) and the addition of a WOLFWAVE (blue). the difference in skirt selectivity is huge.

Q. Is there a desk-stand for the WOLFWAVE?

A. Yes, you can 3D print one thanks to Nicolas F4EGX.


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  • 5
    Wolfwave advanced audio processor

    Posted by Richard on 19th Sep 2019

    Excellent device that works much better than the built in factory fitted DSP noise cancelling on my rig. It has transformed a 30+ year old HF rig to such a degree it's now in daily use and my 4 year old radio gets little use. CW decoding function also works very well. I can't recommend this enough.

  • 5
    It's okay!

    Posted by Burmeister , Dieter on 1st Sep 2019

    I use the "wolfwave" since two weeks! Here we get strong QRM on the lower bands! I can make QSOs now, which without this wonderful thing were impossible!
    Special in a contest it was very helpful! I use it every day now! Thanks to the om's for so an useful idea!
    Vy 73 es gl de "Ter" / DK5ZX!

  • 5

    Posted by Steve Ayers (KE5ES) on 19th Jul 2019

    WOW!!! I watched the video and thought "Hey I want that!". After getting it and learning how to set it I realized that this little device is amazing. I could have bought a internal filter for my FT-817 but I use this device on both the 817 and my LNR Mountian Topper 3B. With the LNR it amplifies the audio and takes the (I can't mimic the sound with typed words) out. It is so fun to dial it down to that ONE signal and ignore all the others until after the QSO. Get your's now while products last!!! This is not a paid endorsement. LOL!! The product is just that great!!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Dr Colyn Baillie-Searle on 17th Jul 2019

    I have used the Timewave DSP 599zx for sometime and I replaced it with the Wolfwave. I find this filter much better than the Timewave. There is no ringing and is easy to use the menus. The CW reader is very good but cannot compare it except to my ears and it is reasonable correct, which I am impressed with. I must admit I think this filter is a winner and very much cheaper than the Timewave one which has to be purchases from the states.

  • 5
    Extremely effective

    Posted by Michael Granatt on 13th Jul 2019

    Suddenly, my S7 QRM suburban Kent location is transformed. At the first try, Wolfwave pulled an SSB QSO with Belgium out of the noise, using my ft 817. It’s fun to use, and the morse decoder is also very effective.

  • 5

    Posted by Will Grocott on 22nd Apr 2019

    I've been using the Wolfwave now for a week and it is outstanding. Firstly it arrived in good time and well packed. I first powered it off the USB lead supplied and I was surprised at how intuitive it was to use. I have it connected to my ICR8600 and now powered off a 12Vdc station supply - it makes a real difference to your listening experience. The Wolfwave is so configurable and being able to move the centre frequency and alter the bandwidth so quickly is a dream to use AND you don't have to keep going into the radio menu to make adjustments. Lots of memory options makes it easy when using a general coverage comms receiver as you can load new settings at the press of a button. The rotary encoder is so easy to use and you can configure the gain to drive your speaker - be sure to have a station supply connected before you turn it up though - the team advise this. The noise reduction is superb and has terrific range, far more configurable than the ICR8600. The age compensation function works well and is noticeable, helping me pick out weak signals when the signal is drifting.

    What a terrific little box, real magic! I'd recommend it. Well done the Sotabeams team a fantastic product!


  • 5
    Wicked Little WOLFWAVE

    Posted by Adrian M0PAI on 1st Apr 2019

    Very neat little box, looks and works great.
    Makes a great improvement on the RX audio and very quick to adjust when needed.
    The WOLFWAVE is a great little addition to the shack and I would highly recommend it.