International Agents

Our overseas agents carry some of our most popular products. Save time and shipping costs by buying direct from them.

If you run an amateur radio business outside the UK and you would like to stock our products, please get in touch. We would be especially keen to hear from any dealers in Australia (one of our largest overseas markets).

us-circle-flag.pngUSA and CanadaDX Engineering stocks a wide range of our products. Great service too!


de-circle.jpgGermany, Austria, France, Italy, BeNeLux: NEW AGENTWiMo 


 jpn-circle.jpgJapan: NEW AGENT Radio Parts Japan Co., Ltd Contact Ken for help!


 swedish-flag.jpgSweden: Johan Hansson SM0TSC stocks a wide range our products!


swiz-circle.pngSwitzerland: Rene and Carine look forward to welcoming you in their shop.


spain-circle.jpgSpain: Juanma at has our products in stock


 norway-circle.jpgNorway: Christopher at ChrisTech is your contact in Norway.


polish-circle.pngPoland: Rafal at ERcomER is our agent in Poland.



Want to be the SOTABEAMS Agent in your country?

If you are an established dealer in a country not covered by our dealers above and you would like to stock our products, drop us an email to

If you are a customer and think that a dealer in your country should stock our items, why not point them towards this page!


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