Where is my order?

Where is my order?

For International Standard orders where the tracking is stuck on "We're expecting it" or "Sender preparing item", please see here for information about what is happening to your parcel.

If you received an email telling you that your order has been shipped, then it will have been sent on that day. Occasionally carriers will collect it from us on the next working day, so some tracking numbers might not produce useful results immediately.

If you selected the cheapest shipping option, this may have been an untracked shipping method. Untracked means that there is no tracking number and the carrier does not provide any tracking information, so we cannot tell you the current location of your order.

If you paid the extra cost for a tracked shipping method, the only tracking information that we have is the same information that you can see on the carrier's tracking page. We do not have more detailed information, sorry.

If you selected DHL Express and the shipment consists of multiple parcels, then the same tracking number covers all parcels in that shipment.

It is common for packages from split shipments to arrive some days apart. In particular, tube shaped parcels such as masts often take a little longer to get through customs and through sorting hubs.

We will usually be able to change the shipping method of an order if you contact us quickly enough after placing the order. But after a parcel leaves us, we have no way to expedite its progress or change the shipping method used for it (including adding tracking to an untracked parcel).

When to worry?

For Royal Mail / International Standard / Economy Courier orders:

  • UK orders - 15 working days (approx 3 weeks)
  • European orders - 25 working days (approx 5 weeks)
  • All other destinations (USA etc) - 32 working days (a little over 6 weeks)

These durations are measured in working days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) from the date of dispatch. If there are any holidays during that time, the number of calendar days will be higher. For example, 25 working days might mean 5 weeks plus a few days if there are holidays during that period.

They are calculated from the durations currently listed  for international services at https://www.royalmail.com/help/lost-items-parcels-letters (maximum 'we aim to deliver' days, plus the extra days that must pass after the due date before we can try claiming compensation for a lost parcel).


Our general shipping page is here, including information on expected delivery times.