WSPRlite Power Conditioner kit or built

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WSPRlite Power Conditioner Kit

Ideal for running your WSPRlite from a battery supply or "wall-wart", the WSPRlite Power Conditioner converts any 7 - 20 Volt DC supply into a super-clean quiet 5 Volt USB supply - perfect for your WSPRlite.

We use a linear regulator to avoid the noise problems so often associated with cheap switching regulators. Rated at 200 mA and with a re-settable fuse, the Power Conditioner will keep your WSPRlite happy - and safe too. The DC input is protected against voltage spikes by a special TVS diode and is provided with additional smoothing with a low-esr input capacitor. These features have been added in case you wish to use your WSPRlite in a mobile setting. Unlike simple chargers, we also condition the data lines to avoid unwanted noise affecting your WSPRlite.

The kit is supplied with a PowerPole for the DC input and a standard USB output. It's ideal for running your WSPRlite at home or in the field! The PCB has M3 mounting holes (mounting hardware not supplied with board kit).

The Power Conditioner is available in three forms:

  • The PCB kit consists of: 1 x PCB and all board components (no mounting hardware).
  • The PCB + enclosure kit adds an ABS box, laser-cut front panel and board mounting hardware.
  • Alternatively you can buy the Power Conditioner ready-built and tested.

Does not include mating connectors so don't forget to order a bargain pack of connectors! 

NOTE: this unit is not suitable for charging mobile phone or other devices. 

Instructions are available HERE!


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  • 5
    Great add on for WSPRlite

    Posted by Dave G6AWF on 17th Feb 2017

    I built the kit and fitted in my own case. Easy to build and connected via a Sotabeams Powerpole fused DC box to my rig psu. Well worth it because batteries did not last long and none of my usb charger blocks produce clean wspr signals.

  • 5
    Nice Easy to build Kit

    Posted by Norman on 14th Feb 2017

    Easy to follow instructions and performs as expected.

  • 5
    A Nice Tidy Little Project

    Posted by David M0VGA on 12th Feb 2017

    A nice little project build for me, I'm no electronics expert but keen to learn and this was an easy but enjoyable build. Hopefully the smoother power input means fewer stray harmonics on my WSPR transmissions when using WSPRlite!