Three-band portable dipole antenna system (Band Hopper III)

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Band Hopper III Multiband Portable HF Dipole Antenna System

***IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are using a Band Hopper with our 10m Compact Travel Mast, attach the antenna with a cable tie to the top of section 11 (counted from the bottom). This is about 20ft up and is the perfect height for the antenna centre. Any higher and the antenna may not work properly and your Compact Travel Mast could be damaged.***

"The perfect match for your LNR MTR Mountain Topper"

At a glance


20m, 30m, 40m - the most popular portable bands! (covers 15 m using 40 m settings and ATU)

Weight: less than 500 g = 18 ounces (antenna+feeder+guying system+winders+pegs+bag)

Balun: Yes - current balun

Power: 125 Watts

ATU needed? No. Connects direct to your radio - pretuned.

SSB, CW, data? Yes. Fine for all modes

Length: About 28 metres end to end (both versions)

What do you get? 

Band Hoppers are a complete system including:

  • A resonant multi-band dipole antenna with Perspex link hardware
  • A 10m feeder - high quality RG174 terminated in a BNC plug
  • A high performance current balun
  • A guying system for a lightweight telescopic pole (6 - 8 metres length recommended)
  • Three Wire Winders to ensure tangle-free operating
  • Three lightweight aluminium alloy pegs
  • A set of instructions
  • A nylon carry bag with peg pocket
  • Our famous back-up for any questions that you have.

Band Hoppers work out of the packet - no messing, just fun!

Not sure which Band Hopper to choose? Click here for some ideas.

Instructions are available HERE!



Also available from our international agent(s): 


The secret of most successful HF portable operators is not hard to find: it's an efficient antenna! No wonder that the linked dipole is the most popular portable HF antenna type used in Europe. The Band Hopper III is designed for the lightweight portable specialist; it also makes a great holiday antenna to have in your suitcase! Not sure what a linked dipole is? Click here.

The Band Hopper III covers three HF bands with a high efficiency full-size halfwave dipole on each band. It's not a compromise loaded antenna. It's also designed to allow you to get the feedpoint high - that's important for good performance. Band selection is by easy-to-use jumpers; quick to change!

Using the Band Hopper III could not be easier. The custom designed centrepiece fits on an tapered pole (such as our famous SOTA pole). It slides down to the optimum height (usually the junction between the top and second sections of the mast). If you don't have a tapering mast dont worry, the centrepiece has slots for cable ties too so you can attach it to most anything. Don't like masts? The centrepiece has an attachment point for a throwing line to use in the forest.

Unrolling the dipole elements is a breeze using the Wirewinders supplied. When you unroll the elements you will notice that the Wirewinders are attached to 4m (13ft) nylon braided extension cords. This not only means that you cannot lose them but also that in rocky areas you can guy your pole by putting the Wirewinder in a crack in the rocks or just by putting it under a rock. The Wirewinders also make great snow anchors too so guying your pole in the snow has never been easier! We also provide pegging loops for use with our high-quality pegs.

The feeder is a 10m (33ft) length of RG174 preterminated in a BNC plug. This is wound on a third Wirewinder. Also on the third Winder is a 10m (33ft) back guy for your mast. No need for any additional guys and the two dipole elements plus the back guy are all you need for a stable and robust system. The back guy is attached to the Wirewinder to give you the flexible guying options above.

This is super-light too! The whole package consisting of the antenna, the Wirewinders, the feeder and the back guy weighs in at 390g (20m/30/40m version); that's just 14oz! Just add a mast or use a nearby tree and you're good to go!

No need to adjust the Band Hopper III, it is supplied pre-tuned. We do the tricky stuff leaving you to have the fun. This is a fully assembled product that works out of the packet.

Each Band Hopper is supplied with a stylish antenna bag and three pegs.


All Band Hopper antennas are supplied with a balun. This is a high performance ferrite-core balun; not just a few turns of co-axial cable! It's a real plus for using your antenna on;

  • datamodes; or for
  • power levels of 100 Watts (especially on SSB). 



The Band Hopper III is a truly amazing package for a bargain price.

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  • 5
    Very best Antenna system

    Posted by Tony on 5th Sep 2017

    I've juste use for the first time my 3 bands dipole with my ft817nd
    with a pole of 7 meters.
    work very fine without swr (i've only check 14 and 7 mhz),
    good quality product and easy to use.
    Thank you Richard and 73 from France

  • 5
    The one antenna that works for me

    Posted by Scott - KI7AA on 18th May 2017

    I live in an HOA restricted community and have struggled finding a good antenna solution. Besides being “stealthy” I needed an antenna that was easy to set up & pack up on a daily basis. I tried two other antennas in the past but the need for quick deployment & takedown made them less than ideal. The antennas worked well and in a different situation I would still be using them.

    I finally “discovered” the SOTABEAMS linked 20-30-40 dipole and it is great. I have it set up as an inverted V using a 20ft telescoping mast. The mast is secured at the base using a heavy outdoor umbrella stand. Many homeowners in my area have outdoor umbrellas so this stand/mast does not look out of place except being 20 feet tall… :-). I just lower the mast to a reasonable height and it looks fine. I keep the antenna ends supported at about 3 feet and with the mast lowered, the wires just droop down a lot.

    My SWR on 20 and 30 is low… usually about 1.3 - 1.5. I run an Elecraft KX3 with the internal tuner & tweaking the SWR takes only a second. SWR on 40 is not that great but it’s the fault of my backyard patio dimensions not the antenna. My “yard” is only 40 feet wide. I have to let the wire droop over the ends of my fence which is not an ideal situation; but the KX3 gets it tuned up pretty well.

    I really like the antenna and have had good success even running 5 watts CW with the current band conditions.

    My only complaint is with the US Postal Service. I paid extra for tracking & never once did I get an accurate up to date tracking schedule. In fact USPS never acknowledged receiving the package from the overseas shipping company and the only notification I got was the day it was delivered. For Stateside customers, don’t pay extra for the tracking.

    Good job SOTABEAMS! de Scott KI7AA

  • 5
    Lightweight and easy to set up.

    Posted by M0ZZA on 21st Jan 2017

    What a brilliant bit of kit. It's very light and takes up little space in the bag and works wonderfully well. A couple of minutes to erect on G/CE-001, connected to my radio and I worked Switzerland, Germany (summit to summit) France, Netherlands, Belgium plus some English stations all in a twenty minute period. Just using 2.5 watts on an FT817ND. Excellent.

  • 5
    Amazing Bandhopper in my backyard garden

    Posted by best 72 de Wolf DL8ABH (Wolfgang Palme) on 14th Nov 2016

    I ordered my SOTABEAMS Bandhopper 20/30/40 only a few days ago this November and testing it straight on the spot was a`must`for me despite of the winterly temperatures not really suitable for outdoor qrp activities. So I put it up on a 7 m pole right away in my backyard garden and connected it to my Mountain Topper 3 Bander. It`s easy to put it up. Just follow the instructions on SOTABEAMS youtube video! No tuner, no adjusting, best SWR 1:1.1/1.2 on 40 and 30 m Bands and I am sure it would have been the same good tuning on 20 m, but so long I did`t try. AMAZING!! The signals come in so strong and it´s true, I could almost work all of the stations, that I received. The Mountain Topper`s power is only abt. 3 Watts ( 7 x AA battery cells), but the Bandhopper seems to bring almost every mW over to the called station. No losses, full power, reports are barely under 559 from all Europe.
    I am really looking forward to using the Bandhopper for outdoor activities next spring and summer. It really is a good antenna for qrp!

  • 5
    A very cleverly designed and good antenna

    Posted by Joerg Schlottmann - DF6XP mostly /p on 4th Sep 2016

    Recently bought the 20-30-40m version for SOTA activations and had a thourogh test in the backyard yesterday. I used a 10 m glass fibre telescopic mast as a central support and attached the centre Feeder of the antenna to the third segment from the top, as this doesn't bend the mast from the weight too much. Attachment was easily done by tying it to the mast with the supplied guy line. After putting up the mast (secured with three guy lines) I tied the antenna's ends to the supplied pegs, giving the antenna inverted V shape. I then measured VSWR with an Rig Expert AA54 on all three bands and found resonance to be spot on in the SSB segments. Well, working mainly CW, I then untied the knots at the and of the third (40m) segment. There was enough wire left to get resonance to 7.030 at VSWR 1.1. What more can you ask? The 30 and 20 m segments could also be adjusted as described by extending or shortening the segments with the croco clips; I think that is a very easy, quick and clever way to do this.
    With all three Segments tuned to CW resonance I had a few test QSOs with my FT-857 @ 10 Watts and got good reports Mind you, since the test took place in a very noisy HF environment with noise levels at S9+ I could only work strong stations, but nevertheless I was given between 579 and 599 from Germany, Romania and Sweden. Finished, I acheived a new record for the fastest packing up: the supplied wire winders are another thoughtful and extremely helpful feature of this antenna. And by the way: my recent experience shows, that having guy lines in bright colours is another clever feature: I used black guy line so far, which tend to be overseen by hikers passing by resulting in a few utterances I did not understand in English and the re-erection of the mast after loads of apologies on my side, not to mention loss of time for QSOs. To sum up: I am very happy with this multiband antenna and it certainly will be my standard companion for the next SOTA activations!

    73 de DF6XP/p !

  • 5
    best all around pack antenna

    Posted by Mike Emerson on 13th Aug 2016

    Fast efficient shipping to U.S. Quality construction, very well thought out design. Tuning is spot on, no adjustments needed. I do not usually buy wire antennas, however this one is a good value for the money.
    Mike Emerson

  • 5

    Posted by Carl 2E0HPI on 15th Jul 2016

    Another top quality product from Sotabeams UK and the customer service is just top quality . Looking forward to using the 20/17/15 High hopper soon :) Carl 2E0HPI 73

  • 5

    Posted by Michael archer on 20th Mar 2016

    Hi i bought the summit on the air SOTABEAMS HIGH HOPPER 15mtr-17mtr-20mtr ANTENNA about 2yrs ago for my field work my working conditions are a YAESU FT-817ND SOTABEAMS HIGH HOPPER 15mtr-17-mtr-20mtr ANTENNA SOTA BEAMS 7mtr POLE YUASA 12-12 12V,12.Ah BATTERY Now the bit every body wonts to no how good are the summit on the air antennas from my experience absolutely fantastic I have worked the USA CANADA SAUDI ARABIA on 5 wats RUSSIA most of EUROPE on 2.5 and 5 wats GREECE 2.5 and 5 wats TURKEY 5 wats now the summary SOTABEAMS ANTENNAS are great value for money for qrp amateur radio operator working in the field in any condition including your own back garden buy one you won't be disappointed with the results now the final Richard your antennas are very portable durable receive exceptionally well and a must buy for any amateur and I have just bought the SB BAND HOPPER II 20mtr-40mtr ANTENNA amateur radio is truly a world community M6BKV 73s

  • 5
    Plugged in and on the air

    Posted by Fred Leoni on 17th Feb 2016

    I just ordered the 3 band Hopper 20-30-40 linked dipole. I was nervous as the whole antenna weighs like 1 pound including coax! I am impressed with the quality and super quick service and very reasonable price. I bought this to use for National Parks on the Air event. Tonight i connected to my home station using a Spiderbeam 12 meter extension pole/mast at about 25 ft. The 20 meter band is almost out at this time but I worked 6D0F in Mexico first call ssb and then soon after Lu1ZI South Shetlands on second call. So far very pleased. I also plan to activate some SOTAs later this year.