Bandpass filter for 2m

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Bandpass Filter for 2m

Designed and manufactured by SOTABEAMS, this neat bandpass filter is for use with handies (HT) in areas with multiple transmitters. In such areas, many HTs suffer from blocking. This is a ready-made unit - not a kit. Can be used either way round. Just connect between HT and antenna. Our filter is also perfect for use with SDR receivers which may suffer from blocking problems.

Detailed Specification

Filter power rating:

  • FM/DATA 5 Watt max (30% duty cycle recommended, max continuous TX 90 seconds). 2 Watts continuous.
  • SSB 5 Watts PEP max continuous.

Filter bandwidth 144 - 148 MHz


  • In-band typically < 3dB
  • 433 MHz > 70dB
  • 155 MHz approx. 25dB
  • FM broadcast band >70dB
  • Air band > 50 dB

Temperature range 0 - 50 Centigrade

Weight 25 grams

Filter supplied in a bespoke plastic case (nylon)

Case includes guides for cable ties

45 x 20 x 18 mm (case)

Connectors SMA-female both ends.

Bright colours to make them harder to leave behind.

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  • 5
    2m Bandpass Filter

    Posted by Guy Howard M0ISK on 26th Feb 2020

    Bought this for my handies, a couple of cheap Baofengs and a Yaesu FT-25. It screws straight on to the handie antenna socket and then an adapter (male to male) is required to refit the rubber duck. No sweat. Fits easily, is unobtrusive and works well. Recommended.

  • 5
    Bandpass Filter for 2M

    Posted by Tim Nair on 12th Feb 2020

    Wow! The new SOTABeams 2m filter is awesome! Tested it on Squawk Mountain today. This local peak is covered in communications towers. Previous Activations have been so frustrating! I realized Chasers could hear me, but I couldn&#039;t hear them! With the squelch open, S-8 noise without the Bandpass filter, and completely eliminated the noise with the filter installed. Well worth $60. Having it made the Activation so much more fun and way less frustrating!

  • 5
    Amazing Filter

    Posted by John Pabst on 10th Feb 2020

    This filter is amazing. I&#039;d give it 10 out of 5 if I could. I just activated W7W/KG-116. It has several large FM broadcast towers. The whole area is RF soup. During my previous activation of this summit I struggled to to make the four contacts. Only close-in high-power stations were able to get through to me. This time I used the filter with a roll-up J-pole and was able to get 17 QSOs in short order including a summit-to-summit 100 km away. I highly recommend this product if you are using an HT anywhere near broadcast towers.

  • 5
    2m bandpass filter

    Posted by Rick Jackson on 19th Jan 2020

    I took the 2 meter SOTAbeams Band pass filter up to ZL3/cb-822 to see if it met my expectations &amp; here is my report on it.

    ZL3/CB-822 is one of two sites in Chch that is reknown for RF soup due to the 3 paging/cell towers that adorn the summit. Most of us when using 2 meters move right down to the edge of the activation zone in an attempt to avoid it &amp; then only using rubber ducky arials. Slim jims are out unless you have a decent radio &amp; they don&#039;t always cut the mustard. Baofengs are definately out.

    So... Because I wanted to put the filter through a tough test, I went unusually close to the towers (approx 50 meters). There is a fence line there for bungeeing the pole to (thankyou Chch City Council), &amp; up went the slim jim about 5 meters.

    I started off with the Yaesu FT 270 R &amp; put the filter in line. I hadn&#039;t put an alert up. Instead I had e-mailed/text my fellow ZL3 activators &amp; chasers as I wanted them to come on &amp; ragchew amongst themselves whilst I monitered the reception &amp; coming in as a breaker as needed.

    Geoff, ZL3GA &amp; Gavin, ZL3GAV quickly obliged &amp; after the usual formalities they QSOed between themselves &amp; me. There was practically no drop of audio. This amazed me as I was prepared to disconnect the slim jim &amp; go rubber ducky but no. Not needed. Other chasers &amp; activators came &amp; went &amp; I was not dissaponted with the reception.

    Next step was to connect the FT-70D &amp; work on fusion mode. I&#039;m afraid to say I didn&#039;t get the same results. It was definately getting muted quite consistantley. Whether that was fusion or the 70D I can&#039;t comment. I do enjoy activating a summit on fusion. I didn&#039;t take a Baofeng for testing.

    Overall I&#039;d give it a 9 out of 10. They come with female sma plugs at each end so I needed a male to male adaptor for my Yaesu hand helds which take a male sma.

    Available from SOTAbeams UK &amp; I got it into the country for just a touch under NZ$90:00 including postage direct although I daresay if a few of you got together &amp; ordered 2 or three or more at once &amp; shared the postage costs it might be cheaper.

    Others of you may be more inclined to home brew your own. That&#039;s up to you.

    This wee item will be coming with me on all of my future activations especially if there&#039;s a hint of RF soup.

    Rick ZL3RIK