Bias-T for LNB - a few notes

Posted by Richard Newstead on 27th Feb 2019

A bias-T is required to feed DC and control signals to a satellite TV LNB. This allows the co-axial cable that transports the signals down from the dish, to be used to power and control the LNB. The n … read more

Talentcell YB1203000-USB s/n 201830829642

Posted by Richard Newstead on 20th Feb 2019

Purchased via Amazon. Described as "12 V 3000mAh".Weight 195 grams. Form factor would tend to indicate 3 x 18650 cells.Power pack was fully charged before each test.Capacity testMeasured capacity 2389 … read more

All hail the Emperor

Posted by Richard Newstead on 13th Feb 2019

The new geostationary satellite Es'Hail-2 officially allowed access to its amateur radio transponders for public use yesterday (12-Feb -2019). It's a decision that was likely forced upon the Qataris, … read more

Strength Rating System for Telescopic Fibreglass Masts

Posted by Richard Newstead on 3rd Oct 2018

People often ask me how mast X compares with mast Y in terms of strength and flexibility. It's hard to be objective but in an attempt to do so, I have developed a simple rating system.The SOTABEAMS Ma … read more