...but is it right?

Posted by Richard Newstead on 25th Jun 2017

I enjoy carrying out experiments in radio; I always have. My recent antenna experiments have proved controversial in that some people don't believe the results. They could be right! I am often surprised by the results myself. Where the results don't seem to reconcile with other methods of analysis, I will probably redo the experiments with improvements to the methodology. I certainly make no grand claims regarding infallibility. The method is new and there is much to learn.

If you don't agree with the results of my experiments, feel free to contact me to show me where I am going wrong. Alternatively, carry out your own experiments and publish them so that we can see your method and results.

Several people have written to suggest other experiments that I should do. These experiments are very time consuming so perhaps they will forgive me if I do the experiments that interest me. If you have a burning desire to see the results of some other experiment, it is for you to do that one yourself. All the tools that you need are available and the internet is full of folks who will happilly disect your chosen method and resulkts.