Co-axial cable - RG58c/u (with or without connectors fitted)

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50 Ohm coaxial cable. Sold in a range of lengths between 3m and 20m.

Impedance:- 50Ω ±3
Inner conductor:- 19/0.18mm tinned annealed copper
Dielectric:-  solid polyethylene
Screen:- tinned copper wire braid
Outer sheath:- usually PVC, but LSZH cable may be used for some orders depending on what we have in stock
Insulation diameter:- 2.95mm nominal
Sheath diameter:- 5.00mm nominal

 Attenuation nominal



db /m 
1.8 MHz  0.006  0.021
10 MHz  0.014  0.047
50 MHz  0.024  0.108
100 MHz  0.048  0.158
144 MHz 0.058 0.192
200 MHz 0.067 0.221
400 MHz 0.101 0.333