Liquid Electrical Tape

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Liquid Electrical Tape - brush on insulation

Black or Red

Note: Currently only available for delivery within mainland UK by Parcelforce. See 'Availability and Shipping' below for details. Due to postal regulations it is not possible to return this item by posting it back to us, sorry, it can only be returned if you drop it off at our office yourself.

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With the high price of coaxial cable and antennas can you afford not to protect your investment with this great product? Dries in minutes and is impervious to water.

Stocked in response to customer demand!

Download the product safety data sheet here.


Customer Comments

G-QRP Reflector - 18 August 2007

If any of you are thinking about getting some liquid tape off Richard.... Do so!!  I can only say 'it's superb!'...

Ian, G3ROO


Liquid Electrical Tape is an air-dried, synthetic rubber coating that can be brushed on and exhibits excellent moisture, acid, alkaline, abrasion, and dielectric resistance.

Offers far more efficient sealing than sticky cable seals and tape. Perfect for quick access and portability! Great for sealing all antenna connections. The coating is flexible making it ideal for use on portable antenna connections. Tests we have done show that the product, unlike many other sealants, does not affect the Q of toroids used at HF - it has good dielectric properties and low losses.

Liquid Electrical Tape remains flexible even under extreme conditions and won't crack, harden, or peel.

Electrically insulates to over 1380volts/ml.

Liquid Electrical Tape is excellent for use in a variety of applications including electrical connections and components for boats, trailers, cars and lorries, timers, outdoor wiring, instruments, computers, circuit boards, switches, radio antennas, and many more. Easily removed from non-porous surfaces.

Supplied in a 4 fl.oz (118ml) container, with applicator brush mounted in the lid. Colour - black or red. One can contains enough Liquid Tape for dozens of connections.

Use on Aerials

Have you ever felt that your aerial system is not performing quite as well as it used to? Maybe the beacons are just a little weaker or the DX is that much more difficult to work? One common reason for such observations is getting water inside your feeder cable. Rainwater will leak in wherever it can and few sealing methods offer good long-term protection. The design of coaxial cable is such that it draws water in by capillary action. The water can then corrode the wires inside the coax, it also degrades the dielectric performance - increasing losses - sometimes dramatically. Meanwhile back in the shack often all appears well. Increased cable losses make the SWR of aerials look better, but your power is not being radiated, it's heating up the inside of your damp cable. As often as not, water ingress goes un-noticed until water drips out of the cable inside your shack. In the meantime you have been using a radio system that has been below par for months or even years.

Liquid Tape is the answer! This product is easily painted onto all types of electrical joints using the brush applicator within the can. It dries in just a few minutes leaving a low-loss, flexible and impervious coating on your cable. No more water ingress! A single 118ml can contains enough of the product for dozens of connections!


Liquid Electrical Tape is potentially harmful to health. It must be used only as indicated on the pack. Wear impervious gloves and eye protection when using this product. Use in a well ventilated area. Store away from children. Download the product safety data sheet here.

Once fully dry, no special handing or precautions are required.


Liquid Electrical Tape is currently only available delivered by Parcelforce within mainland UK, or for collection from our office.

Parcelforce will only carry this item by road within the UK, and will not carry it internationally, or to areas that are serviced by air or sea (such as islands).

The reason for these limits is because before it dries, liquid electrical tape is a flammable liquid, much like nail polish or some types of paint are. This means that there are restrictions on how we can legally ship it. If we are unable to send this product to your address, we suggest buying it directly from a Plastidip distributor instead:

Note that for most of these, we have no personal experience of buying from them, they are just listed here for convenience. There may be other suppliers available in your country. If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please email us with details!

The delivery cost for Parcelforce is the same regardless of order size, so buying liquid electrical tape from us is best done either as part of an order that includes some other items, or more than 1 bottle at a time. If only ordering 1 bottle of liquid electrical tape and nothing else, buying directly from is likely to be a cheaper option. Alternatively, if you live nearby or are passing through the area, you can collect your order directly from our office with no delivery charge.

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  • 5
    Liquid Tape

    Posted by G8NFZ on 16th May 2020

    Very black, very gooey and solvent based so will really, really stick and give a great seal to match self-amalgamating tape, but on any shaped connection. The exact resolution of a requirement. Don't expect to get it off again any time soon though!

  • 5
    Liquid Tape

    Posted by Marcy Brook on 14th May 2020

    This stuff is amazing! I used it on soldered wire connections and it's so easy to use and dries relatively quickly. The coating it creates grips to the applied spot fantastically. It's pricier than electrical tape, but it's so much better and this one bottle is more than enough for multiple projects.

  • 5
    Liquid Tape

    Posted by Tim on 14th May 2020

    I've ordered this product before and used it on a number of projects. it works a treat does exactly what it says the label. As always, prompt, professional service from all at Sotabeams.

  • 5
    Liquid Tape

    Posted by David on 30th Apr 2020

    Brilliant stuff, easier to use that self amalgam tape, gets in all the awkward little corners and seems to last well.

  • 5
    Liquid Tape

    Posted by Paul Lund on 12th Apr 2020

    Only used it once so far but it covers well and has kept the rain out of the connection.

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by Lélio de Almeida on 10th Feb 2020

    Very easy to apply, Makes a elastic protection of the wires. Very useful where we can't use isolator tape.

  • 5
    Liquid Tape

    Posted by Rob Evans on 8th Dec 2019

    I have used this for a few years now, better than Self amalg tape. I had a problem with water in a gamma match, after sealing it with this liquid tape no more issues.

  • 5
    Liquid tape

    Posted by Leslie Butterfield on 25th Jul 2019

    does exactly what it says on the tin !

  • 5
    Performix Liquid Tape

    Posted by Gust Kegelaers ON6KE on 21st Jul 2019

    This stuff is MAGIC, applied several coatings on antenna connectors about a year ago, put up another antenna, checked the old connections, perfect. In the mean time I had stored the bottle in the fridge, this morning pulled it out, requiring it for a coating on the connector to BALUN for a new antenna. the liquid was 100% useable, wasn't hardened out, not in the least. Excellent!

  • 5
    Liquid Tape

    Posted by Robert Dunne on 8th May 2019

    Great product for waterproofing electrical or RF connectors. Make sure you put insulating tape on the connections before you apply the liquid tape if you want or need to redo the connections in the future.