Spare push on cap for masts

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A spare push-on top cap for the masts that we stock. You can buy either the same cap originally supplied with the mast (exact size, will only fit that mast and is fairly rigid), or a soft cap which fits mast sizes ranging from the diameter of the cap up to about a millimetre or two larger. The soft caps grip better and are more flexible. Some sizes of soft cap are now available in white - these might be easier to spot than the black caps if you drop them on the ground!

Mast Cap inner diameter
Soft cap Carbon-6 28.7mm
Soft cap fits Sotapole 7m top & bottom
Soft cap Tactical Mini  36.5mm
Tactical Mini Original  37mm
Soft cap fits Sotapole 10m top & bottom
Sotapole 10m top Original  43mm
Sotapole 10m bottom Original  44mm
Sotapole 10m top Old stock  42mm
Soft cap Travel Mast 10m 
Travel Mast 10m Original  46mm
Soft cap Tactical 7000hds 48.5mm
Tactical 7000hds Original  49mm