The 'inc tax' prices on our website include UK tax (VAT, 20%). Customers with a shipping address outside of the UK will not be charged this tax - prices should update to the ex-tax ones after entering the shipping address and selecting a shipping method, either on the checkout page or on the cart page.

However, many countries will charge you import duties and other taxes on any imported items.

In some countries, these taxes are collected on behalf of your government by the shipping company, who usually charge an administration fee for this service. SOTABEAMS is not responsible for the payment of import taxes or other associated charges. Payment of these is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Other countries may expect you to calculate, declare and pay the applicable tax on any imported goods as part of your tax return (for example, Use Tax in the USA), instead of the tax being collected through the shipping company. If so, this is also the responsibility of the purchaser to deal with.

We do not have a definitive list of countries that charge import taxes, but all EU countries definitely do. Some countries have an order value threshold below which they do not bother with import taxes, although this exemption is increasingly being removed.

EU customers:

Please note that you are likely to be charged VAT and an administration fee by the parcel delivery company on any imported parcels, since we no longer charge you VAT at the time of purchase. We are not currently enrolled in IOSS, but plan to look into it in the future.

Before Brexit, we had to charge VAT at checkout. After Brexit, VAT is paid through the shipping company instead. You still have to pay a similar amount of tax, just the timing is different. The main difference in the total cost of your order will be the administration fee added by the shipping company.

The size of the administration fee depends on the country and the delivery method. DHL is usually the most expensive admin fee (in addition to being the most expensive shipping cost), Economy Courier or International Standard may be cheaper.

Our international agents stock a range of our products. If buying from one of our EU agents, taxes should be charged at the time of purchase with no extra admin fee.