Suction clamps for RV, Caravan or Motorhome,

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Suction Clamps for Antennas (pack includes 2 clamps) - supplied with free 1m hook and loop tape


"fitted in seconds - easy to release too!"

Attaching an antenna mast or flag pole to the smooth side of an RV/caravan/motorhome is easy with our suction clamps. Mount them vertically one above the other on a smooth clean dry surface and attach your mast to them with our hook and loop tape (1 m supplied free with clamps). The clamps are easy to attach and remove and will not mark your RV. These amazingly strong clamps are a great solution to a tricky problem!

They are also handy for use at home allowing antennas to be attached to windows with ease!

Strength 70 kg (150 lbs)

Weight per clamp 300 grams (11 oz.)

Clamp length 28 cm (11 inches)

Notes: These clamps have a very strong grip so use caution when using them to avoid damaging whatever you have attached them to. In windy conditions this may mean guying masts/flag poles to reduce transmitted stress. Always clean the surface before attaching the clamps.