Toroid 2631801202 (FT114-31)

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Toroid 2631801202 (closest available approximation to FT114-31)

Ferrite Toroid, type 31 material. This toroid is suitable for Baluns, Chokes, RF suppression.

These toroids have the same diameter as a FT114-43 or FT114-61 toroid, but the height is larger at 13.85mm (the toroids normally sold as FT114-43 and FT114-61 are 7.5mm tall, but it looks like Fair-Rite do not produce a 31 material toroid in exactly matching dimensions).

Outside Diameter= 1.142 in / 29 mm +/- 0.75 mm
Inside Diameter = 0.748 in / 19 mm +/- 0.50 mm
Height = 0.545 in / 13.85 mm +/- 0.80 mm