Walking Pole Guying Kit

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Walking Pole Guying Kit

Video: SOTAbeams Walking Pole Guying Kit

Walking poles are too short to be a suitable support for most HF aerials, but they are just the right height to hold the ends of wire antennas off the ground. When operating on 160/80/60m the sag in the antenna can mean that the ends are very close to the ground. This can detune the antenna and also increases losses.

The Walking Pole Guying kit consists of two laser cut insulators designed to slip over the tip of a walking pole and four Hi Vis yellow guylines (two per insulator). Just attach the end of your antenna to the other hole in the insulator and guying the pole will hold the antenna in place.


The Walking pole Guying Kit is fully assembled with 3m guys. Four of our sturdy alloy pegs are available as an optional extra.

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  • 5
    Buying kit

    Posted by Richard P Sutton on 6th Nov 2019

    Does what it should very nicely...thank you

  • 5
    walking pole guying kit

    Posted by Daniel Cerwin on 22nd Mar 2019

    I found this product to be perfect for keeping the ends of my inverted V up off the ground and it doubles as guying for my 31 ft mast

  • 5
    Simple and effective. Great dipole end support

    Posted by Ben Menge on 5th Jun 2013

    At Richard's recommendation, I purchased a couple of cheap walking poles from eBay @$10 each. The poles are extendable to about 1.3m, which make for a nice height to raise the ends of my portable OCF dipole. These guys make the dipole ends into a kind of tripod (including the end of the dipole as the third leg) and stability of the antenna is greatly improved. It is still no replacement for three or four guys at the middle of the telescopic pole holding the centre up, but it makes the ends one heck of a lot more stable and unlikely to sway round in the breeze. In conjunction with pole guys, your portable dipole will be a rock-solid performer in all kinds of weather with this light-weight addition to your SOTA pack! 73, Ben VK2BEN Sydney