Ultra-light Carbon-Fibre Masts: advantages and disadvantages

Posted by Richard Newstead on 13th Nov 2019

We have been asked several times to introduce a carbon-fibre mast to our product range. Carbon-fibre gives a much better strength to weight ratio than fibreglass. However I have always resisted as we … read more

FT-817 filters - how good are they?

8th May 2019

Using a noise source and a QA400 audio analyser we tested the filters in an FT-817.Stock Ceramic SSB filter: surprising poor skirt selectivity. Probably the result of insufficient isolation between th … read more

DSP filters compared

Posted by Richard Newstead on 17th Apr 2019

In the lab we have an FT897 that we use for testing speech compressors. While it is largely similar to the FT817 (apart from the higher power) it does have audio DSP filtering. I wondered how this mig … read more