Using WOLFWAVE with a Rockmite simple transceiver

Posted by Richard Newstead on 10th Apr 2019

I have long been a fan of the Rockmite, Dave Benson's simple transceiver. It's one of the only minimalist designs that is actually useable. However, with all these simple radios, selectivity (the ability to separate signals out) is very limited. The Rockmite uses a single crystal as a filter. It's a neat idea but it really only rolls off signals 10 KHz away or more. 

I wondered how my 40m Rockmite would song with the selectivity provided by WOLFWAVE. Inevitably I had to try it! The results were just superb. The recording below is of the WOLFWAVE being switched in an out. The spectrum display on the WOLFWAVE makes the Rockmite seem like a "high-end" radio. It would work just as well with a Pixie of course.

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