FSQ Communications System

Posted by Richard Newstead on 29th Jun 2017

Julian OH8STN mentioned FSQ in one of his recent blogs. He made a few comments that raised my interest in this mode so I gave it a look. The first thing I discovered is that while it does have a … read more

...but is it right?

Posted by Richard Newstead on 25th Jun 2017

I enjoy carrying out experiments in radio; I always have. My recent antenna experiments have proved controversial in that some people don't believe the results. They could be right! I am often surpris … read more

Location, location, location...

Posted by Richard Newstead on 26th May 2017

IntroductionA recent article in a ham radio magazine described the design of an antenna. The author modelled his antenna using a popular free software antenna modelling package. He then went on to des … read more