Click2Tune Dongle for the FT-817, 818, 857 and 897

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Easy tuning dongle for the FT-817, FT-897, FT857

If you use an FT-817, 857 or 897 with an antenna tuner you will have noticed the lack of any straightforward way to  send a carrier for tuning. To do so requires you to change the mode. Given the slightly clunky user interface on these radios, sending a tone can require several key presses. It's annoying in the shack and can be very frustrating in the field. This is all the more of a problem if you use a narrow-band antenna such as a magnetic lop that needs frequent re-tuning.

The Click2Tune makes the tuning process so much easier! It's a tiny dongle containing a sophisticated microprocessor that plugs into the the back of your radio. Once set up, tuning just requires a double click of the microphone PTT switch to send a carrier; that's all. Brilliant!

With the 857 and 897 you might wish to carry out tuning at low power, the Click2Tune does this too by allowing you to select the tuning mode. That allows you to tune at 25 Watts - this is especially important for protecting auto-tuners. By the way, the same Click2Tune dongle can be used on all of the radios above, you don't need different types.

The Click2Tune is a really useful accessory that is sure to make your mobile and portable operating easier!

Download the Click2Tune instructions here. 

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  • 5
    Small unit with BIG benefits

    Posted by Dave on 24th Sep 2018

    Worked great right from the start. Should have bought this ages ago.

  • 5
    Great unit, saves time and trouble tuning

    Posted by Phil on 10th Jun 2018

    Sotabeams only provides the best quality Amateur radio gadgets.

  • 5
    Great on 857 running mobile

    Posted by John WA6YSY in NW Washington state USA on 28th Sep 2017

    This little tuning dongle is great. I use it on my FT-857 mounted in my truck running mobile. My antenna is a High Sierra Screwdriver Antenna (one of the best mobile antennae I might add) which is tuned by holding a toggle switch. I have a crossed needle SWR meter installed which I use to determine when I'm tuned. A double click on the microphone and the dongle goes to work resulting in a quickly tuned antenna. Great product. Worked "out of the box" first time!

    I'm buying another to use with my FT-817 portable.

  • 4
    So good, I bought another!

    Posted by Paul - G0VHT on 15th May 2016

    I recently purchased another Yaesu radio (857) which just like the 817 really benefits from the quick tuning ability of the Click2Tune dongle.
    I have given 4 stars this time rather than 5 just because you need to trim a small amount of plastic from the dongle to fit the 857 - but in fairness this is made clear in the instructions and hinted at on the website. Ultimately, the process was a 30 second job and no big deal.

    If you own either of these radios, go ahead and purchase this dongle, it makes tuning up sooooo much easier!

  • 5
    Works as Described

    Posted by Connie on 2nd Nov 2015

    The Click 2 Tune Dongle makes working portable more convenient. Once setup, you may wonder how you ever managed without it.

  • 5
    ATU Tune-up

    Posted by Dave C on 24th May 2015

    Followed the instructions and it worked! May need to make a "Y" adapter lead if ACC socket already in use, not a problem with FT817 at the moment.

  • 5
    Small but clever little device

    Posted by Keith Anderson - M0KJA on 2nd Apr 2015

    Plugged into the FT-857. Switched on the Rig and it just worked.

    It's a brilliant little device that provides an easy solution by providing a carrier to tune for a fully automated process.

  • 5
    A excellent device

    Posted by Gary - G0DNI on 16th Jan 2015

    Worked straight out of the box on my FT817. I didn't bother changing any of the default settings so it actually took longer to read the instructions than it did to install and start using!

  • 5
    Brilliant time saver!

    Posted by Paul Morrison - G0VHT on 3rd Jan 2015

    Put simply, this little device works like a charm!

    Its one of those bolt on items that you quickly learn you can't live without - particularity if you are constantly changing and experimenting with wire antennas as I am!

    I use mine with my FT817 and set it up in the low power mode (AM) as per Richard's online instructions. This triggered a tuning carrier of around 3 watts instead of the normal 5 watts using the default PSK setting. I delved into the 817 extended memory and reduced my AM carrier power to 2 watts further taking the pressure of my finals during tune up. I use an Elecraft T1 ATU and sometimes my ZM-2 - both of which tune my antennas no problem whatsoever at this power level.

    I don't own any of the other Yaesu rigs to comment on how this device works with them but if the 817 is anything to go by, you shouldn't have any difficulties.

    A great bit of kit you I guarantee wont regret purchasing!