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Easy low-power tuning for ICOM radios

**See review QST February 2018 p57**

Click here for instructions.

If you use an ICOM HF radio with an antenna tuner or amplifier you will have noticed the lack of any straightforward way to send low power carrier for tuning. To do so requires you to change the mode to AM or FM, reduce the power and press the PTT. It's annoying in the shack and can be very frustrating in the field. This is all the more of a problem if you use a narrow-band antenna such as a magnetic loop that needs frequent re-tuning. It's also a problem if you use your radio with an amplifier

Various "solutions" have been suggested, the most common being a dongle with a capacitor and a resistor. While this works, the tune period is fixed and it will not tune reliably twice in short succession. The fixed tune period is particularly problematic if you use your radio with a high power amplifier as if you see a mismatch you will want to act quickly.

Our Click2Tune for ICOM system provided you with complete and reliable control. It transmits a low power carrier (user selectable level on some radios) without any need to change the mode and for as long as you press the button - YOU are in control. We worked hard on getting the ergonomics right so that it sits nicely in your hand and we even trialed three types of buttons before we found one that had the right size and "feel".We also made it look good to fit in with your shack. It's a great accessory for any ICOM radio that supports their auto-tuner. Tested on: IC-7300, IC-7600 (ant. 1), IC-7600, IC-7610, IC-7100, IC-730, IC-746 (ant. 1), IC-9100 (ant. 1), IC-706 (all variants), IC-703, IC-746. See below for further information on compatibility.

The Click2Tune for ICOM is available as a kit or ready built! We have also written great instructions (build time around 30 minutes).

Kit or built, you get:

  • Branded Molex components
  • Mil spec 4 core screen can for good RFI performance (1 metre)
  • Top quality professional switch and components
  • Double-sided professional PCB and other parts (total 17 parts).


Click here for instructions for making up the Click2Tune kit.

Plug in the Click2Tune BEFORE turning on your radio so that the radio recognises it properly

Will it work with my ICOM radio?

If your ICOM radio has a socket like this on the back, the Click2Tune will almost certainly work with it. Different radios will have the socket in different positions on the back panel.


This product is not suitable for the IC-7700 (and probably other 200 Watt ICOM radios).

The "Tune" indicator on my IC-7610/IC-7600 stays illuminated

The Click2Tune simulates a successful tuning sequence for an external AH4 tuner. There is also a switching sequence that is used by an external automatic tuner to indicate it failed to find a match. The Click2Tune  appears to the transceiver to be a successful tune so sets the display as such. The 'TUNE' indicator simply indicates the transceiver's circuitry detected a successful external AH4 tune sequence. It does NOT indicate the internal tuner is in line.

Click to tune case

Dave G8XUL has designed a 3d printable case for the Click2Tune. 

Also available from: 



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  • 4
    A nice solution and simple build

    Posted by Mike Cox M0IJJ on 3rd Dec 2017

    I have an Icom IC-7100 and the Click2Tune provides a simple solution to tuning up an antenna without lots of fiddling with the menus on the radio. The build is very simple and easy, the only option that would have made it better is a case to fit it in. I say option because not every one would like the additional cost. Whilst the design is simple buying the components individually would be higher than this kit, so it is great value.

  • 5
    Very useful accessory

    Posted by Russ on 30th Nov 2017

    I built this for my IC-9100. The instructions could not have been clearer. A simple job. Produces about 6 Watts of carrier from my radio. Just right for tuning my remote SGC auto-tuner.

  • 5
    Just what I needed

    Posted by AD0YO on 24th Nov 2017

    The Click2Tune was exactly what I needed to tune my MFJ-1786 magloop antenna using my ICOM IC-7300. I just pick a quiet frequency nearby, push the button and use the magloop controller to tune the antenna to minimum SWR. Could not be easier.

  • 5
    Click2Tune For Icom

    Posted by WB0OUX on 19th Nov 2017

    Kit was as advertised.
    Put this together quickly and worked the first time.
    The connector fabrication was the only difficult assembly; without the proper crimp tool. But I did get it assembled.
    Completely satisfied with the Click2Tune for ICOM.

  • 5
    Simple Tune Up For ICOM IC706mk2g

    Posted by Andy Dunham G6OHM on 4th Nov 2017

    I have just built the Click To Tune kit from Sota Beams.

    The kit was easy to build.Taking around an Hour.

    The instructions are well written and easy to understand.

    The unit fired up first time no problems.

    It has made tuning my Icom IC706MK2G , Kenwood AT230 , GM0ONX Inverted L a breeze on all bands.

    Would highly recommend the Click To Tune either as a kit or ready built.

    I changed the position of the push switch and fitted it vertical inside a piece of 21.5 overflow pipe.

  • 5
    Great accessory for the IC7300

    Posted by John G4NVM on 2nd Nov 2017

    This new product solves the problem of tuning the IC7300 when using an external tuner, not having to change modes or power every time. Like a previous writer I keep the short cable and switch under the rig when the tilt bail arm is in use. Thanks Richard.

  • 4
    You need an external SWR meter with a remote ATU on a IC7300

    Posted by Peter on 27th Oct 2017

    While this performs as advertised, the SWR display on the IC-7300 does not function while the button is pressed. This means that without an additional external SWR meter there is no way to tell when a remote ATU has actually found a match.

  • 5
    Buy one. You will not regret it.

    Posted by John, G3UCQ on 9th Oct 2017

    Yes, put it together in about one hour. The molex connector was the only 'fiddly' bit but it does the job very well with my IC-7300. Mode changes and power reductions are a thing of the past. Excellent value. Thank you.

  • 5
    Click to Tune works a treat on IC-7300

    Posted by Gary Tagg on 8th Oct 2017

    The Click2Tune is a great time saver and reduces risk when using an external tuner. On the IC-7300 it sends a 10W carrier (not adjustable) which is fine for most tuners. I had some questions and sent Richard an email; I got very quick and helpful responses, excellent customer service.

    As mentioned in another post on the 7100, the Tuner light turns on and flashes when using the device, but the internal tuner is not activated ( I tested thoroughly). As per another post I would like an optional case to finish it off. I think I should have bent over the pins on the switch before soldering, they have broken through the foam pad.

    To finish off, great product at a great price, glad I bought it.