ContestConsole switching unit for ICOM radios

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ContestConsole Switching Accessory Unit for ICOM radios

 "produced as the result of customer demand!"

Gain full control of your ICOM radio with the SOTABEAMS ContestConsole. Easy to use - connects between your radio and microphone.

Features (depending on radio):

  •  Instant access to voice, CW and PSK memories (no need to have them displayed on the radio screen)
  •  TX PTT button
  •  TX low power tune function - sends 10 Watt carrier (optional lead required)
  •  Pushbutton frequency control (up and down)
  •  External PTT socket for footswitch
  •  Auxiliary microphone socket (3.5mm)

Will it work with my radio?

The ContestConsole was designed with the IC-7300 in mind but it works with a wide range of other ICOM radios.

Click here for our handy compatibility matrix.

Tips for use

Click here to download the instructions for your ContestConsole.

  • There are usually some radio settings that need changing before the memory buttons will function - look for "external keypad" in the radio manual for details.
  • Do not connect two microphones at the same time. If connecting a microphone via the ContestConsole, use either the 3.5mm socket or the 8 pin socket, not both.
  • On some radios, an external storage device (memory card or USB stick) might be needed for voice memories to work.


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   Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the ContestConsole provide a complete DC connected "pass through" for the microphone socket on the radio (including the 8 Volt supply)?

A: Yes. The ContestConsole does provide a complete DC pass through including the 8 Volt supply

Q: I already have a SOTABEAMS Click2Tune for ICOM. Can I use that with the Contest Console?

A: Yes, your existing Click2Tune lead will function as it did before. However, the Tune button on the ContestConsole will only function with the optional Tune lead.

Q: I use my ICOM with an automatic antenna tuner that has a lead that connects top the white Molex connector on the radio. Can I also use the optional Tune lead?

A: The ContestConsole will work fine with your existing antenna tuner - the operation of the tuner will be unchanged. However, the Tune button on the ContestConsole will only function with the optional Tune lead.

Q: What are the dimensions of the ContestConsole?

A: W110 x D75 x H40 mm