Contact us

Please do not use Facebook or Twitter to contact us. We don't check them often so we can easily miss your message! Better options are:


Email us:

Email is usually the best way of contacting us, especially for technical queries.


Telephone us:

+44 (0)1625 501643

Our opening hours vary a bit due to flexible working, but there is usually someone in the office between 9:30am and 5pm (UK time), Monday to Friday, and often a bit earlier and later as well. We are closed during weekends and bank holidays.


You can even write to us:

Unit 1 The Green
Green Street
SK10 1JH
United Kingdom

Note: our address was previously shown as, and is still listed in some places as: "Unit 1 The Green, Fountain Street, Macclesfield, SK10 1JN". We are still in the same physical location, but Green Street is a more accurate description of where the entrance to our unit is. "The Green" is a large building at the corner of two streets. The longest frontage is along Fountain Street, but the door to our unit is around the side of the building on Green Street. Royal Mail have therefore clarified our address as being on Green Street.

Letters or parcels sent to the Fountain Street address should still reach us, but delivery drivers will be able to find the Green Street address more easily.


SOTABEAMS is a trading name of Engineered Communications Solutions (ECS) Ltd.

Company registered in Cardiff No. 3609930.