DX-WIRE Ultralight UL

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DX-WIRE Ultralight UL - Strong Lightweight Antenna Wire

45 metres = 147 ft

100 metres = 328 ft

Note: the core material has now changed from Aramid to Vectran. This stretches less, which should reduce the risk of the jacket cracking under high tension and cold temperatures.

This stranded antenna wire is supplied to us from Germany. The lightweight load bearing core of the wire is made from Vectran, which is a high strength synthetic fibre. The Vectran fibres are wrapped with six tinned copper strands of 0.25 mm O.D. The effective surface of the wire is substantially enlarged to an effective skin area of more than 0.5 mm2 in RF applications.

To make the core weatherproof it is coated with a UV-resistant black polyethylene sleeve. With a total diameter of only 1.6 mm (incl. insulation) and a weight of just 4 g/m the tensile-strength of 60 kg (130 lbs) is exceptional. Considering the copper content of 3g/m the weight advantage of the synthetic fibre becomes obvious. DX-Wire UL allows you to make extremely long LW-antennas and Beverages with minimal slack, in a way that is not possible with conventional antenna wires. DX-Wire UL is great for balloon or kite-supported antennas. Its low weight and high break-load makes it most suitable for DX-peditions.

We are often asked how much power can be run using such thin wires. In our experience, in "full-size " antennas they can stand up to 1500 Watts in normal amateur radio duty cycles. For shortened antennas with low impedances and thus high currents, heavier wires should be used.

Note that the very lightweight design means that this wire is more vulnerable to damage from kinks or sharp bends than other types of wire. For best results, handle the wire carefully to avoid these. If storing this wire on a winder, using a figure-of-eight winding pattern can reduce the risk of kinking. Also note that winding it too tightly should be avoided, as this may cause sharp bends in the wire.

To protect the thin wire against damage and kinks from wire clips, the ends should be strengthened with adhesive lined shrink tubing. This is particularly recommended for permanent and high-safety installations. Therefore we offer suitable shrink tubing as an accessory. Our 3-1mm epoxy-filled tubing is good for this.

Note that if over-tensioned, the internal fibres can stretch more than the insulation jacket. If this is done at low temperatures the insulation can crack. To avoid this , DX-wire UL should not be stretched more than necessary at low temperatures. The wire is extremely light and has minimum sag, therefore you need only a little force to keep the wire straight . Please note, that DX-WIRE UL is a product " on  the edge "... It is maybe not a product for every purpose .... The wire is extremely light and thin and weather resistant (when not stretched to much at low temperatures ) We could use other insulation material, but the wire would be thicker, heavier or not so uv resistant .... therefore we keep it as it is .....


  • Vectran core wrapped with six 0.25 mm copper strands (cross section approx 0.3 mm2),
  • Weather-proof polyethylene (PE) insulation, 1.6 mm outer diameter
  • Weight: only 4 grams per metre
  • Breaking-load: 620 N (60 kg or 130 lbs)
  • Velocity factor 0.97

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  • 5

    Posted by darren matthews on 9th Aug 2018

    if you need a light weight and stealth antenna this great to use

  • 5
    DX Wire UL

    Posted by Mike on 4th Jul 2018

    Received the wire but haven't deployed it yet. I am impressed with the insulation. The advertising doesn't emphasize how tough, but smooth it is. Both are important properties when pulling wire through tree tops.

  • 4
    DX-Wire UL

    Posted by Jason on 30th May 2018

    A nice, clean and simple antenna wire which promises to be extremely strong. The cable insulation is somewhat brittle and it is EXTREMELY easy to split it whilst handling the wire so I am not sure exactly how long it will last in use!

  • 5
    Cheap and very cheerful!

    Posted by Bruce MORRIS on 17th Mar 2018

    Lightweight and not the strongest - which is an obvious trade-off. However - it does what is says on the tin and is ideal for stealth or temporary aerials. At the price it can be regarded as sacrificial if Rear-Admiral Beaufort gets too huffy!

  • 5
    Excellent antenna wire

    Posted by Syd MI5UTC on 7th Mar 2018

    Bought this wire to make up a discreet dipole for 5mhz at home. Found it a bit tricky to solder because of the kevlar intertwined in the wire but with a little patience i got a good result. Because its light the dipole does not sag therefore keeps its height very well. Great service from Richard and his team.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Brunnemer N9MZ on 27th Feb 2017

    Great stuff! There is a wee bit of a learning curve to working with this wire but not a big deal! The Kevlar is best cut with something you don't mind getting dull... I will be ordering more!!!

  • 5
    Great lightweight but strong wire

    Posted by Cliff on 30th Apr 2016

    Very fast shipping from the UK. This wire is both lightweight and strong, mainly purchased for SOTA and Parks activity but tried it here at my small QTH with a wire antenna fed from the SGC-230 remote tuner and doesn't sag as much as my other heavier wire. Doesn't seem to kink as much either when winding up for transportation on the Sotabeam winders Cliff VK2NP

  • 4
    Strong wire if you do not bend it

    Posted by Martynas M6KVS on 7th Feb 2016

    I've bought 15 meters of this wire to see if it is any good. While it is very strong, the outer insulation will crack if you do a hard bend. I've used it as a counterpoise and cracks appeared soon appeared on the insulation as I was folding-unfolding the wire. While it was probably made for aerials rather than to be used as a counter-poise, I was disappointed that it soon started to crack. Make sure it is in a straight line and only do gentle bends.

  • 5
    Great product - great service

    Posted by Rob VK2GOM G0MOH on 15th Sep 2015

    This wire is tough! Perfect for lightweight but strong DIY dipoles. Very fast delivery from the UK. The insulation has a nice 'slippery' feel to it, for quick winding and unwinding from SOTA Beams's excellent wire winders.

  • 5
    Simply Brilliant

    Posted by Dave M0ZDM on 27th Aug 2015

    Purchased this wire over a year ago to be used on my stealthy long wire project. I live on the coast meaning that this wire has been batteted with winds directly off the north sea. The wire has withstood everything even though my installation wasn't the best. Highly recommended.