FT817, 818 PSU to PowerPole® adapter

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Adapter with a DC power socket (for the same size plug used in the FT-817/818) connected to a PowerPole cable.

This can be used to connect a power supply intended to plug directly into the FT-817/818, such as the battery charger supplied with the radio by Yaesu, to our FT817, 818 PowerPole Adapter instead. This allows you to power the radio from that supply without removing the PowerPole adapter each time or modifying the power supply cable to use PowerPoles.

This adapter is not needed if instead of Yaesu's battery charger you intend to use a power supply that can easily be connected to PowerPoles, for example using the cable included with our FT817, 818 PowerPole Adapter or one of the other PowerPole cables we stock.

Note:- Power supply not included. Yaesu do not recommend the battery charger (various part numbers including NC-72, PA-48, SAD-24) that they supply with the radio for use during operation, only for charging. This is likely due to that charger being noisy, given the warning in the radio manual that the charger "may contribute noise to TV and radio reception in the immediate vicinity".