Heavy Duty Top Insulator (pack of 5)

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Heavy Duty Top Insulator (pack of 5)

Our Heavy Duty top insulators slightly bigger than the Tactical Top Insulators, and make using your Tactical 7000hds so easy. It provides a handy attachment point for antennas etc.

Laser-cut Perspex.

  • Two holes (4.3 mm and 6.15 mm diameter)
  • Length 18.4mm, width 11.7mm
  • Cut from 5mm Perspex for added strength
  • Designed for our Tactical 7000hds masts - sits at bottom of top section of mast
  • Designed not to jam on the mast (allows rotation)
  • Can be used with other mast types
  • Military Green
  • Weight >0.5 grams.