KX2 PowerPole® Adapter

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Powerpole Adapter for the Elecraft KX2 (includes Powerpole lead)

Sold out - sorry! We are unlikely to stock more of this adapter. This is because the original designer of the adapter, who was manufacturing them for us, has now stopped producing them. However, the 3D printing files and some instructions are publicly available if you would like to make your own: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2745781

This is an assembled and tested 3D printed PowerPole adapter for the Elecraft KX2 Radio that (optionally) screws to the side of the radio. It firmly attaches your power cable to the radio and keeps narrow gauge wire lengths as short as possible. It protects the power plug, prevents accidental shorting, and keeps the power cord from getting lost - all without interfering with access to any other radio function. Supplied with a 1 metre lead with Powerpole fitted.


This adapter is designed to be compatible with:


  • the stock KX2 radio
  • radios with custom end panels; and in particular the Side KX end panels
  • the Side KX clear lexan lid
  • any KX2 heat sink
  • the Side KX car mount lexan adapter (see photo)




To screw the adapter to the KX2:


  1. Open the radio (as if to change batteries)
  2. Locate the nylon nut and screw closest to the power socket and remove them. You will need to hold the nut with pliers or other tool.
  3. Insert the PowerPole adapter assembly into the power socket and make sure the screw hole on the adapter lines up with the screw hole in the side panel.
  4. Insert the #4-3/8" screw through the adapter and side panel and install the nylon nut.
  5. Reassemble the case