Linked Dipoles

What is a Linked Dipole?

A linked dipole is a great portable antenna that gives you a full-sized efficient dipole on each band. Band changing is accomplished by simply connecting different sections of the dipole together.




  • Easy to change bands
  • Easy to repair and maintain - including in the field
  • Full sized dipole antenna on each band
  • Antenna provides two of the guys for your mast - just need a back guy (supplied as part of our ready-to-use Bandhopper linked dipoles).
  • Radiation point of antenna as high as possible for best performance
  • No lossy matching networks - your power gets radiated, not lost!
  • Packs up easily - no parts to lose.

Make your own!

There is an excellent linked dipole designer applet here. We sell a useful pack with most of the parts.