Two-band portable dipole antenna system

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The Band Hopper 2, two-band portable dipole antenna system

At a glance

Bands 20 m, 40 m

Power rating 125 Watts

Balun included Yes

ATU needed? No. Connects direct to your radio

SSB, CW, data? Yes. Fine for all modes

How long is this antenna? About 28 metres end to end (20-40 version).


***IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are using a Band Hopper with our 10m Compact Travel Mast, attach the antenna with a cable tie to the top of section 11 (counted from the bottom). This is about 20ft up and is the perfect height for the antenna centre. Any higher and the antenna may not work properly and your Compact Travel Mast could be damaged.***


What do you get?

Band Hoppers are a complete system including:

  • A resonant multi-band dipole antenna with Perspex link hardware
  • A 10m feeder - high quality RG174 terminated in a BNC plug
  • High performance balun
  • A guying system for a lightweight telescopic pole (6 - 8 metres length recommended)
  • Three Wire Winders to ensure tangle-free operating
  • Three lightweight aluminium alloy pegs
  • A detailed set of instructions
  • A nylon carry bag with attachment clip
  • Our famous back-up for any questions that you have.

Band Hoppers work out of the packet - no messing, just fun!

Not sure which Band Hopper to choose? Click here for some ideas.


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The secret of most successful HF portable operators is not hard to find: it's an efficient antenna! No wonder that the linked dipole is the most popular portable HF antenna type used in Europe. The Band Hopper II is designed for the lightweight portable specialist. Not sure what a linked dipole is? Click here.

The Band Hopper II covers two HF bands with a high efficiency full-size halfwave dipole on each band. It's not a compromise loaded antenna. It's also designed to allow you to get the feedpoint high - that's important for good performance. Band selection is by easy-to-use jumpers; quick to change.

We include a high performance balun to reduce unwanted feeder coupling - reduces potential interference problems.

Using the Band Hopper II could not be easier. The custom designed centrepiece fits on an tapered pole (such as our famous SOTA pole). It slides down to the optimum height (usually the junction between the top and second sections of the mast).If you don't have a tapering mast dont worry, the centrepiece has slots for cable ties too so you can attach it to most anything. Don't like masts? The centrepiece has an attachment point for a throwing line to use in the forest.

Unrolling the dipole elements is a breeze using the Wirewinders supplied. When you unroll the elements you will notice that the Wirewinders are attached to 4m (13ft) nylon braided extension cords. This not only means that you cannot lose them but also that in rocky areas you can guy your pole by putting the Wirewinder in a crack in the rocks or just by putting it under a rock. The Wirewinders also make great snow anchors too so guying your pole in the snow has never been easier! We also provide pegging loops for use with our high quality pegs (included).

The feeder is a 10m length of RG174 preterminated in a BNC plug. This is wound on a third Wirewinder. Also on the third Winder is a 10m back guy for your mast. No need for any additional guys and the two dipole elements plus the back guy are all you need for a stable and robust system. The back guy is attached to the Wirewinder to give you the flexible guying options above. Just a mast  or use a tree and you're good to go!

This antenna is super light too! The whole package consisting of the antenna, the Wirewinders and the back guy weighs in at less than 450g (20m/40m version); that's under a pound!

No need to adjust the Band Hopper II, it is supplied pre-tuned. We do the tricky stuff leaving you to have the fun. This is a fully assembled product that works out of the packet

The Band Hopper II is a truly amazing package for a bargain price.

Each Band Hopper II includes an antenna bag and three pegs making it a complete system.

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  • 5
    As Advertised

    Posted by Larry on 28th Feb 2017

    Good SWR across 20 and 40 meters. The ATU in my KX2 brought SWR to 1.0-1 at the extreme ends of the bands but wasn't really necessary.
    If you want to support the center with a "squid" pole, I do not recommend the 10M SOTA Pole. It is far too flexible. I believe the 7 M version of the SOTA Pole works best (Richard, step in here if you disagree)

  • 5
    Must have for portable QRP

    Posted by Sam on 22nd Jan 2017

    I originally was setting myself up around a MFJ-1899T whip but in a CBD area this just resulted in QRM and grief. Not to mention counterpoise and tripod related weight.

    Setting up the two bander on 40 meters using a 10M SOTA pole was a revelation! Suddenly was able to hear US and UK stations even with city level noise floor. Can't wait to get this thing into its natural habitat on a SOTA peak!

  • 5
    Brought in the New Year With a SOTA Beam Two Bander

    Posted by Michael Owens on 2nd Jan 2017

    I received my SOTA Beams Two Bander a little before CHristams but wasn't able to test until New Years Day. I took the FT-817 out to the woods set it up just as in the video. Awesome antenna. It went up easy and performed just as you'd expect. Went up in a jiffy and took it down just as fast. I'm impressed! I had ordered the SpiderBeam 12m pole so I might have to upgrade to the 4 bander in the near future.

    Thanks to Cliff N4CCB's video I found SOTA Beams.

    Great Product!

  • 5
    Light, easy setup, good performance

    Posted by David M6HVU on 7th Dec 2016

    I bought this for portable use with an FT 817 and have had it out three times.
    It's lightweight and really easy to setup, no tangles and quick deployment using a sotabeams extendable mast.
    Good signal reports coming in.
    I was out today in a very strong wind and it was very stable.
    Altogether I'm very pleased with the purchase.

  • 5
    Wow. Lightweight, clean, easy setup.

    Posted by Rex K7RJV on 21st Oct 2016

    This is "just" a traditional linked dipole. But it has an excellent feedpoint setup with a sealed balun, and plate to mount to center support. I had this up within about 5-10 minutes of opening it, using a 6m "fishing pole" as a center support. I had 3-4 contacts within 20 minutes 5w SSB. Good stuff! I was truly concerned it would be hard to set up and tear down, but both operations are quite easy -- about 5 minutes for each.

  • 5
    Great for Railways on the Air

    Posted by Tony G0EYE on 13th Oct 2016

    Easy to erect and ideal for a field-day out.....we obtained 5/9 + from the far Scotland and Northern Ireland being situated at the Eastbourne Miniature Steam railway on the South Coast....The SWR was very low and does everything that could want.......well done SB.

  • 5
    20/40 meter dipole

    Posted by Roland on 18th Sep 2016

    I bought this to use for Summits on the Air. Trying to get my backpack lighter. This dipole doesn't need a tuner so I can leave the tuner at home. This package comes with everything on the winders and is very lightweight. Took this with me on a recent SOTA activation without getting the chance to test it out. Easy to set up and worked great. Highly recommended.

  • 5

    Posted by paddy on 18th Sep 2016

    hi richard and staff this antenna was demonstrated by a friend carl to me, i was so impressedi bought one simple to set up and take down, and swr is perfect over the moon i worked bosnia today on 20m cant fault the antenna many thanks guys....

  • 5
    Two Band Portable Anrenna (40m/20m Linked Dipole).

    Posted by Dave Bannister on 7th Sep 2016

    I've just used this today in my local churchyard for the first time with a 7m SOTAPole. This was a test in readiness for the forthcoming CHOTA event this coming Saturday. The antenna is easy to erect and dismantle. I used 100W SSB and it worked 'straight out of the packet' without having to trim the ends.

    The antenna and support compliment each other and I recommend both of these items without reservation.