Antenna Wire Winders

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Antenna Wire Winders

Pricing is per Winder (1)

I have spent years searching for the ideal way of winding up antenna wire for use in the field. These special winders are just about perfect! Lightweight and with an elastic fastener to secure the wire, they are quick and easy to use.

Wire winders ensure tangle-free aerials and rapid deployment - perfect! Great for SOTA, caravanning and DXpeditions!

Use a figure-of-eight winding technique which helps to ensure no kinks in the wire.

We recommend three winders for a dipole fed with RG174 (one for each half of the dipole and one for the co-ax and back guy). Two winders are usually adequate for a dipole fed with RG58 (cable coiled separately).

Each winder weighs 1.25 oz (36g). Length 24.5 cm (9.75 inches).

Recommended Accessory

If you are making antennas using our Wirewinders, consider investing in one of our rugged antenna bags - designed for use with Wirewinders. 



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  • 5
    Wire winders

    Posted by Werner on 29th Jul 2018

    Works great, love the ease that it unwinds without snarls.

  • 5
    Antenna Wire Winder

    Posted by Jeff on 30th Jun 2018

    Very useful, stops the wire getting all tangled up!

  • 5
    Time Saver

    Posted by Linas Balsys LY2H on 24th Jun 2018

    I bought 4 of them just to try out. Was impressed by the convienience of use and rapid wire deployment time. Use it now for my portable doublet, for an end fed half wave antenna. The "figure 8 " winding method makes the whole secret of it. I liked the way it works and wanted more to organize the counter ropes on one of my plastic masts. I wanted it sooner than the ordered parcel would come , so I made 3 DIY replicas off the plastic tray kindly donated by XYL. Besides I cut my finger trying to smooth out the sharp edges, I realized that the quality of plastic is essential. And the right plastic is hard to find , so I decided to discontinue the DIY "tray" brand manufacture as it would cost more time and money than just buy more at SOTA BEAMS with excellent plastic flexibillity and durability in one and cheerfull colours easy to see in the field. I calculated I would need some 14 more for the counter ropes of my 3 masts that I use in my field position. The winders clearly gonna be my next stop at SOTA BEAMS.

  • 5
    Antenna winders

    Posted by KC1VLF on 8th Jun 2018

    These are fantastic. Perfect for my speakerwire doublet. The bright colors make them easy to find in the grass when it’s time to pack up!

  • 4
    Antenna Wire Winders

    Posted by MA on 17th May 2018

    Very usefull for storing loose wire, and portable antennas.
    Compact & lightweight.

  • 5

    Posted by Bill on 3rd May 2018

    Excellent piece of kit.

  • 5
    Perfect !

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2018

    The antenna wire winder is perfect for my antenna storage and travel.

  • 5
    Excellent way to store wire antennas

    Posted by Steve on 11th Apr 2018

    I like making wire antennas and they always seem to get tangled. The wire winders stop all that and when it comes to deploying the wire they help in not generate more tangles - assuming you wind the wire in the approved figure of 8 method!

  • 5
    Great Winder

    Posted by Paul WA2DII on 4th Apr 2018

    These are the most practical .. You can use them for antenna wire , Guy lines , counter poise wire etc.