Carbon-6 ultra-light 6 m (19.6 ft) mast

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 The 'Carbon-6' Compact ultra-light 6 metre telescopic mast

 ***Read Richard's blog post on carbon masts here***

Carbon-fibre has an unmatched strength to weight ratio. The Carbon-6 leverages this characteristic to your advantage!

  • Small enough to fit in a rucksack
  • Tall enough to support your antenna
  • Super-lightweight carbon-fibre construction
  • Amazingly strong considering its light weight and length
  • Made specifically for SOTABEAMS
  • The perfect light-duty mast

Ultra-lightweight portable operators need something special to support their antennas. The new Carbon-6 has been designed for exactly this role.

  • Super short packed length for easy transport in a rucksack
  • Amazingly light - so light that you can take it "just in case"
  • Fits easily in aircraft carry-on baggage (always check before flying!)
  • Telescopic - perfect for rapid deployment
  • Black carry bag with tie-string
  • Carbon-fibre construction (measured loss < 0.1dB).
  • Screw-on base cap allows field repairs and section swap-outs
  • Replacement sections available 
  • Replacement end caps available
  • An optional extra is our Mini Pole Stake Kit which makes your Carbon-6 even easier to use!

When in the car or caravan the Drive on stand (Pole) makes erecting the mast easy

"Every ultra-lightweight portable specialist needs a Carbon-6 in their go-pack"

Notes: The Carbon-6 has been manufactured specifically for SOTABEAMS. Carbon fibre masts are slightly conductive and so extra care must be taken when using them near power-lines. These masts are suitable for supporting lightweight horizontal antennas or inverted vees and vertical antenna. Because of their flexibility, we recommend a maximum antenna height of 5 metres (15 ft). We do not recommend using these masts for supporting the centre of dipoles (with feeders) due to the weight of such an arrangement. They are perfect for supporting lightweight end-fed wire antennas.

Since the Carbon-6 is quite flexible near the top, anything except a vertical antenna is best attached a couple of sections down rather than at the very tip.

Friction lock: pull each section firmly with a twisting motion for best lock. When erecting always start with the smallest section. When taking down always start with the largest section.

Mast sections may be removed by unscrewing the endcap at the bottom of the mast and removing unwanted sections.

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Detailed Specifications:

Extended length: 6 metres (19.6 ft). Lengths approximate - click here to find out more.

Packed length: 43 cm (17 inches)

Number of sections: 18

Wall thickness: 1 mm (0.04 inches) bottom

Weight:  315g (11.1 oz) for the pole on its own, the bag adds about another 10g.

Mast Material: carbon fibre

Tube diameter: top 2.4 mm, base 31 mm (1.2 inches)

Base cap diameter: 32 mm (1.25 inches)

Tube colour: white (base), black (other sections)

Supplied with black carry bag with tie-string


Will a carbon mast attenuate my signal?

Not in any significant way! The worst-case loss for the Carbon-6 is less than 0.1dB (measured with a coil wound around the mast).

Will a Carbon-6 mast support my Band Hopper antenna?

No. The Carbon-6 mast is best used with lightweight endfed antennas. For Band Hoppers we recommend the Tactical 7000hds (BH 2+3+4), Tactical Mini (BH 2+3) or Travel Mast (BH 2+3+4)

Is there a guying kit for the Carbon-6?

No, sorry, we don't currently have a guying kit designed for the Carbon-6 mast.

However, items which might be useful include:

The Mini Pole Stake Kit works with the Carbon-6.
When in the car or caravan the Drive on stand (Pole) makes erecting the mast easy

The GK7 guying kit is not suitable for the Carbon-6, as the Carbon-6 is much slimmer than the GK7 is designed for. The guying ring in the GK7 kit would sit only one section from the bottom of the Carbon-6, about 43cm from the ground - not very useful!

The Tactical Mini Guying Pack is not ideal for the Carbon-6. The small ring sits at about 3.95m up the mast. The large ring is too wide to be of any use, it slides nearly all the way to the bottom. The top insulator hole sizes are the same as standard Versatile Top Insulators.



All dimensions approximate.


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  • 5
    Carbon 6

    Posted by Gil Sturgis on 8th May 2023

    This is a great mast. Incredibly light. Upper two section are almost useless so it is good for about 5.5 meters. I slope a EFHW wire cut for 20m and have a shorter one cut for 10m that just hangs vertically. More height than most vertical antennas and no counterpoise or radials

  • 5

    Posted by Ivica on 3rd Oct 2022

    Used it /P this summer, best value and compact size for lightweight packers. Little tip, do not pull too hard on elements when deploying in the early morning, because when sun heats it up during hot summer day you will have hard time packing since elements do spread a little if deployed on open field.

  • 5

    Posted by Stuart on 21st Jan 2022

    Brilliant value for money love it

  • 5

    Posted by Norman Elliot on 5th Feb 2020

    Bought this after seeing Richard's review on Youtube. Well pleased with purchase.

  • 3
    A bit disappointing

    Posted by Alan on 26th Jan 2020

    My other two small masts are better. I took the top two pieces off of this carbon 6 mast and it's a lot better as the top two were very week. [Admin: Thank you taking the time to post a review. I was pleased to hear that you have found a good way to use your Carbon-6 mast. Lightweight masts such as the Carbon-6 are less robust than our heavier masts so they do demand a slightly different approach to get the best out of them.]

  • 5
    Carbon-6 ultra-light 6 m (19.6 ft) mast

    Posted by Phil Sandell on 31st Dec 2019

    Fits easily into a rucksack, very light and easy to erect. Stays up well in wind, no more mast collapses. Excellent product