Crimp Tool for PowerPole® Connectors

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Crimp Tool for PowerPole® Connectors

***A good quality tool that will give years of service***

For 15-30-45 Amp inserts. PowerPole® connectors can be crimped or soldered. Crimping is a quick and effective way of making reliable DC connections.

Useful as a "club-buy" to share between members. Connectors not included.

Tips on crimping

Crimping is a connection method that requires the plug insert to be deformed to grip the wire (to form a good connection). If the wire in the crimp is too small, the crimp will not be deformed sufficiently to grip the wire. In such cases, it is often possible to get a viable crimp by doubling up the wire inside the crimp. If this fails you either need a smaller crimp or you will have to solder the wire.

45 Amp Powerpole contacts have a slightly different design to the 30 and 15 Amp variety. The 45 A contacts have open "wings" to accommodate the wire correctly. To get a good crimp they need to be carefully aligned in the tool. If you are not very good at aligning things, an easy way to ensure a good crimp is to squeeze the wings together with very slightly with pliers once the wire is inserted and before crimping.


 PowerPole® is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products, Inc. 

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  • 5
    Crimp tool for PowerPole connectors

    Posted by John Fletcher on 25th Mar 2024

    For years I've been soldering PowerPole terminals, knowing that it's not the best way to attach them to wires. I recently bought this crimp tool (I've been crimping BNC plugs for a long time) and I'm delighted with the build quality and the strength of the crimps it makes. Definitely a good buy.

  • 5
    Crimp tool for powerpole connectors

    Posted by Steve Proud on 3rd Sep 2020

    Once I worked out how to use the tool, it worked perfectly. Would definitely recommend this.

  • 5

    Posted by HughP M0ACF on 22nd May 2020

    Indispensable! Perfect crimps every time. make sure you hold the crimps at the end of the handle for best leverage.

  • 5
    Crimp Tool for PowerPole® Connectors

    Posted by Tristan on 14th May 2020

    I tried the solder method first and soon found that wasn't for me. So I splashed out on the crimp tool. I found it very much quicker and easier to make up power pole connectors. Getting more done, than if I'd stuck with soldering the connectors. The crimp tool is solidly made and simple to use so I expect to get years of use out of it.

  • 5
    power pole crimper

    Posted by mike herbert on 3rd May 2020

    much better than trying to use normal terminal crimpers. take time to set up correctly and all will be well. have remade all my leads A P P are the best cold fingers on sota tops and no mistakes.

  • 5
    Crimp tool for Powerpole connectors

    Posted by John on 17th Nov 2019

    Although I have only an occasional need to terminate Powerpole connectors this tool does such a good job that it was well worth buying.

  • 5
    Lovely crimper

    Posted by Duncan on 10th Jun 2019

    Great crimper with instructions included on the back cardboard. Insert the right way up, squeeze until the click, job's done. If it's really light wire (I'm using 30As), double crimping works just fine.

  • 3
    Well it does work, but....

    Posted by Richard on 18th Nov 2018

    Mine has three annoying issues:- 1, after crimping 3 or so power poles one half of the rubber handle slides down and needs pushing back into place regularly! 2, no stop end to align power pole prior to crimping! 3, after each crimp on any of the 15/30/45 settings the power pole is stuck in the jaws which means I have to prise out the crimped power pole therefore putting it to undue stress! Individually the above issues are not so important. Just proves the tool isn’t in the quality class. Would not buy another but at the same time I will put up with it until I loose it. I am not the only person with these same issues. 73, Richard de 5B4AJG. [Admin: Thank you for taking the time to review the Crimp Tool. We are sorry to hear it doesn't live up to your standards, but we hope it continues to serve you well.]

  • 5
    Best tool

    Posted by Adam on 27th Sep 2018

    If you use Power Pole connectors you need this tool. Works perfectly. Just make sure the connector is the correct way up first and you use the correct crimp slot. I’ve always preferred soldering connectors and first time using this found the crimps solid. Couldn’t pull the wire out if I tried.

  • 4
    Crimp Tool for PowerPole® Connectors

    Posted by Gerard Elijzen on 2nd Sep 2018

    Great tool. Gave it 4 stars because the original Anderson can be the only one deserving 5 stars but is of course way too expensive. The one from SotaBeams does the job very nicely.