Drive-on Car Stand for masts (Pole)

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 Drive-on mast stand

 Ideal for use with our Mini Telescopic Pole 4.1m and Carbon-6 masts

This drive-on stand makes operating from your car really easy. Just drive the wheel of your car onto the base-plate and remove the mast end cap, insert your mast onto the steel pole. You're on the air in minutes! Perfect for operating from near the beach or from local high-points. A handy accessory for the well-equipped emergency communicator too! This drive-on stand is suitable for use with the Mini Telescopic Pole 4.1m, the Carbon-6 ultra-light 6m mast, or the Tactical Mini.

For larger poles, especially those with a shock absorber in the base, the sleeve version of the drive-on stand is likely to be a better choice.

Product Details:

Made of mild steel with a light grey painted finish, it will give many years of service. Great with fibreglass poles. Quick and easy to assemble and take apart for transport, the stand separates into three parts.

Pole height: approx 81cm from ground to pole tip.
Pole diameter: 1.5cm for nearly all of the pole length, there is a 3.5cm diameter x 2.5cm height lump on the base plate which the pole screws into.
Base plate: approx 15.5 x 42 cm.

Weight 2.68 kg.