Open Wire Line Spacers 50mm Pack of 5

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Open Wire Line Spacers (50mm)

Price is per 5 insulators

These heavy-duty spreader insulators are light and strong. They are a real alternative to the old ceramic types but using modern materials! They are suitable for permanent or temporary installations. Making low-loss ladder line is so easy!


  • Made from a specially selected mix of ABS and PC to give great strength coupled with good UV resistance and a wide temperature range (-50C to +90C).
  • Wire just clips in.
  • Spaced for 450 Ohm Ladder Line - handy for a portable "Slim Jim" antenna
  • Lower loss than pre-made 450 Ohm Line "windowed line"
  • Central fixing hole allows attachment to wall stand-off.
  • Also great for folded dipoles.
  • Unlike heavy ceramic insulators - which tend to slip with time on vertical ladder lines, these spacers are light-weight at just 1.9 g (<0.1 oz.).
  • They are suitable for wire 1mm- 2.1mm diameter.
  • Line spacing 40 mm (1.6 inches). Spacer length 50 mm (2 inches).
  • Recommended distance between spreaders 35 cm (14 inches).

These spacer are suitable for use with our lightweight wire, but not with our heavy duty wire (since that wire is too thick).

 Video: Open wire spacers from SOTABEAMS