Open Wire Line Spacers (short) Pack of 5

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Open Wire Line Spacers (short)

Price is per 5 insulators

These heavy-duty spreader insulators are light and strong. They are a real alternative to the old ceramic types but using modern materials! They are suitable for permanent or temporary installations. Making low-loss ladder line is so easy!


  • Made from a specially selected mix of ABS and PC to give great strength coupled with good UV resistance and a wide temperature range (-50C to +90C).
  • Wire just clips in.
  • Spaced for 450 Ohm Ladder Line - handy for a portable "Slim Jim" antenna
  • Lower loss than pre-made 450 Ohm Line "windowed line"
  • Central fixing hole allows attachment to wall stand-off.
  • Also great for folded dipoles.
  • Unlike heavy ceramic insulators - which tend to slip with time on vertical ladder lines, these spacers are light-weight at just 1.9 g (<0.1 oz.).
  • They are suitable for wire 1mm- 2.3mm diameter.
  • Line spacing 40 mm (1.6 inches). Spacer length 50 mm (2 inches).
  • Recommended distance between spreaders 35 cm (14 inches).