PowerPole® Connectors

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PowerPole® Modular Connectors, sold in pairs (1 red + 1 black + 2 contacts)
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The pack size of this product is one pair, consisting of one red shell, one black shell and two contacts.

Different pack sizes: Starter Packs of 5 or Shack Packs of 12 are available at a slightly lower price. This product page allows you to buy custom quantities of connectors, or a mix of connectors, with a bulk discount that is only slightly smaller than the packs of 5 and 12.

These connectors have quickly become the standard for portable radio operating. Their clever design means that they will only mate one way round while each connector is sexless. Brilliant! PowerPole® connectors are easy to fit and can be soldered or crimped. They are perfect for use in the shack or portable. Don't risk destroying your radio by connecting a battery using crocodile clips!

We have a suitable crimping tool available.

  • black 45 Amp housings (Anderson PowerPole® part# 1327G6)
  • red 45 Amp housings (Anderson PowerPole® part# 1327)
  • Genuine Anderson contacts (plated copper alloy)
  • 15A and 30A are Closed Barrel. 45A is Open Barrel (see diagram in contact type section)

Contact type

We sell several types of Powerpole contact, which have different current ratings based on the size of wire they are designed to accept.

The Powerpole ends are identical for all the connectors we sell, so they can be connected together even if they have a different current rating. It is only the wire end which differs.

If crimping Powerpole contacts, the correct size contacts should be used. Otherwise, if contacts designed for thicker wire are used, there is a risk of the wire pulling out of the contact when tension is applied (such as when pulling on the cable to disconnect it from something).

If soldering wire to the contacts, the contact current rating is less critical. It is fine to use contacts that are larger than necessary, as the extra space can be filled with solder. Please note the 45A connector is  an open barrel connector and will need the barrel closing up using pliers /crimper before soldering to allow the contact to be correctly inserted into the shell.

  • 15A: wire size 20 to 16 AWG, 0.52 to 1.3 mm2 CSA  Closed Barrel
  • 30A: wire size 16 to 12 AWG, 1.3 to 3.3 mm2 CSA    Closed Barrel
  • 45A: wire size 14 to 10 AWG, 2.1 to 5.3 mm2 CSA    Open Barrel

("CSA" wire sizes are the "cross-sectional area" of the wire.)


Video: Soldering Powerpole connectors the SOTABEAMS way

Roll Pins

From time to time people asked why we do not stock roll pins for PowerPole® connectors. 

Why? Roll pins are NOT RECOMMENDED by the connector manufacturer.

The ARRL discusses them here

Read what a reviewer says:

"[Roll pins] sound like a great idea until you try them out. The roll pins are so rigid and the plastic housings are so (relatively) flexible that instead of the roll pin compressing, the two housings spread apart slightly to accommodate the pin. This makes the pinned connector pair a little harder to connect to a pair that is not pinned due to the slight spacing mismatch. They also don't feel like they'll stay in place super reliably. If one comes loose, you've got a nice little conductive piece of metal bouncing around near your electrical equipment. That's a recipe for a really bad day if the pin finds it's way into anything with a circuit board. Other than trying one or two out initially, they're all sitting in the bottom of a box somewhere. I've never had problems with connectors coming apart anyways."

PowerPole® is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products, Inc.