PowerPole® PP 4-Way

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PowerPole® 4-Way Connector Box


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PowerPole® connectors are the best way to distribute DC in your shack or in the field. Once you start using them, the urge to convert all your DC distribution to them becomes inevitable. Our PowerPole® connector box is rated at 25 Amps. PowerPole® connectors are impossible to connect the wrong way round; reliable and easy to use.

The SOTABEAMS PowerPole® 4-way makes light work of connecting four things together. For example, four PowerPole® connectors allow you to connect a radio and amplifier to your battery while leaving one socket free for another accessory. Naturally we have designed the PP 4-Way to be light and rugged too.

Speaking of design, the PP 4-Way is rated at 25 Amps; no mean feat for a PCB design. To make sure the resistance is low, the PCB uses double weight (2oz) copper, ultrawide traces on both sides of the board, and plated through vias to ensure an even current distribution between each face of the board. This is a unit built to a high specification!

The PP 4-Way uses genuine Andersen PCB contacts too for lower contact resistance and improved reliability.

The PP 4-Way is available in three forms:

  • The PCB kit consists of: 1 x PCB, 8 x PCB contacts, 4 x red connector shells, 4 x black connector shells.
  • The PCB + enclosure kit adds an ABS box, laser-cut front panel and board mounting hardware.
  • Alternatively you can buy the PP 4-Way ready-built and tested.

Dont forget to order a bargain pack of connectors!


25 Amp rated on adjacent sockets (30 A surge)

Weight 58 g

W55 L83 H28 (Height excludes connectors)

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  • 5
    Very useful piece of kit

    Posted by Ian on 13th Dec 2016

    Very easy to put together even with my long lost soldering skill. Now have one in the shack and one in the car, makes it easy to power all my rigs and the various accessories.

  • 4
    RV and ham power

    Posted by Nigel M0NDE on 21st Sep 2016

    My RV cab is where the 4 way PowerPole was fitted. After a discussion with the XYL also a ham with multiple cheap cigar lighter connections coming loose whilst driving we need a solution for solid connections for a variety of devices. It provides standard power connection for a LDG tuner, APRS/GPS interface etc.when on site and stable reliable power connections for satnav, phone chargers etc when mobile. I did feed in power via an extra hole in the enclosure. I have used powerpoles before for example by-passing the heavy Icom power filter for portable ops so knew what to expect from them. The kits was of course to the high standard we expect and get from Sotabeams. Thanks Richard

  • 5
    PowerPole PP4 4 way

    Posted by Dave Bannister on 1st Sep 2016

    A superb bit of kit and easy to assemble. An important additition to my portable operation and shack.

  • 5

    Posted by Roger on 31st May 2016

    I thought I would try powerpoles...now I am wondering why I waited so long. Powerpoles have made my shack simpler and tidier and I can mix and match power sources with ease. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Solid product and excellent value

    Posted by Peter M1TCP on 26th Apr 2016

    Bought the kit and enclusure, modified the enclosure so that I could feed the board with a pair of fused cables giving me 4 outputs. Very easy to build and plenty of copper available to solder the incomming cables onto. Looks good and more importantly works perfectly for what I need it for.

  • 5
    Just Does The Job

    Posted by Bill on 2nd Mar 2016

    Cost-effective connection/distribution board kit. Easy to assemble. Needs some basic soldering.

  • 4
    Simple and Brilliant

    Posted by Paul 2E0MIY on 8th Feb 2016

    My PSU is an ancient Yaesu FP707 designed to connect straight to the FT 707 rig. I wanted a way of using the 20 Amp heavy cable to connect my FT857D, rather than relying on the small connectors on the rear of the PSU and have the ability to connect other items in the shack requiring 13.8V. I simply connected the male power-poles to the 20 Amp lead and then to the box. This has saved me having to buy a new PSU and meant a new lease of life for the FP-707 which is built like a tank and probably see me out! The Power-Pole box is a well made and fun little kit to build as well.

  • 5
    Unconventional use

    Posted by Bill - 2M0BZZ on 2nd Dec 2015

    Excellent distribution through my yacht! Thanks.

  • 5

    Posted by Mike, M0MTJ on 23rd Nov 2015

    I have previously built a number of similar Powerpoles distribution boxes as "home brew" projects of my own concoction. Not only are they very satisfying little projects to build, they are extremely useful. I have made a number for use around the shack, and also for mobile use. I have adopted Powepole connectors for every single piece of radio equipment; power supplies, batteries, radios and all accessories. It makes connection totally safe and error free and so much more convenient than any other method. I decided to make another unit for portable use and thought that it would be great to try SotaBeams new product to build from a kit. The full kit arrived very quickly and was a delight to assemble. It's very well designed and the finished product has a very professional look and feel. I decided to solder a fused flying lead directly to the circuit board rather then feed in power to one of the pairs of Powerpoles. This gives me four outputs. A great little kit that is very satisfying to construct. Definitely recommended. Mike, M0MTJ

  • 4
    Clever design

    Posted by Ian Gourlay on 8th Sep 2015

    These connectors take some care to fit as regards crimping, and the internal diameter of the 30A size is too skinny to allow the cores of some rig power cable to fit inside without paring off around 4 minimum filaments of copper - which I don't like. However, I went ahead and used them anyway and no problems have ensued. Also, I'd prefer to see a little more click-engagement as the internal spades slide-engage. Twice so far I've had a pair of PPoles fall apart in service, needing to be refitted to their opposite numbers. I work portable a fair bit so my cables do have to bear some movement at times - that's what made the connection disengage. Have also used them to join legs of an experimental G5RV-variant to the central insulator, successfully - obviously these don't bear the strain of the wire tension in use - there's a strain-clip on the "outside" of each of these, which works well; I'm using (very) cheap keyring-grade carabiners for this and they work very well indeed. Am using Sotabeams kevlar cored wire for this - a ticklish business crimping those onto the minimal copper content of the kevlar wire - used a short piece of multistrand DC feed core to bulk out the six strands - so far, no issues with this trial. [admin: I assume the reviewer intended to review PowerPole connectors rather than the PowerPole 4-Way but posted in error]