Switched Inductor Kit

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Switched Inductor Kit

Wiring up inductors for antenna tuners can be a problem. I wanted a neater way to make up an ATU and figured maybe you needed one too!

Designed for use in antenna tuners, the single mounting point (switch shaft) makes our kit far neater, more robust and easier to use than a conventional ATU coil assembly. Allows up to 7 inductors to be added together in series to give a "tapped" inductor arrangement. As each inductor can be individually adjusted, it's a far more practical solution than a tapped coil in many cases. How you wind the inductors will depend on your application.

The kit consists of:

1 x Alpha, six way rotary switch,

7 x T50-6 toroids,

7 x M4 nylon mounting kits for the toroids,

1 x special designed PCB (circular 33mm = 1.3 inches radius).


As an optional extra you can add 3 metres (10 ft) high quality 24swg solderable enamelled wire,