dsPIC Development Module

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dsPIC Prototyping and Development Module

A ready-built module designed as a flexible platform for developing your own dsPIC code using the powerful 16 bit dsPIC33FJ128MC804-I/PT. The LASERBEAM-DEV Module has full ICSP header and I2C with on-board swich and LED. AF input (1) is protected. Many other connections are brought out for maximum flexibility. 128kB flash + 16kB RAM gives plenty of room for software development. The module plugs neatly into a breadboard for easy use. Programmable with the cost-effective PICkit 3 system from Microchip.

Use Microchip's extensive software libraries and free tools to develop your own code! Click this link for a good online DSP book.

Full connection information and circuit diagram provided with each module.


Filters, noise reduction, test equipment, education.


Downloadable LASERBEAM-DEV data sheet (slightly out of date, currently refers to the 64kB chip used in older modules)

Supply: 5 - 15 Volts (onboard regulator).

Size: 36 x 36 mm.

Weight: < 5g


  • ICSP
  • I2C
  • + 15 unassigned ports
  • + AF IN


  • RC9 + RC8