Linked Dipole Portable HF Antenna Kit

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Linked Dipole Portable HF Antenna Kit

By popular demand I have designed a linked dipole hardware kit so that you can make your own two or three band linked dipole. We put all those hard-to-find parts together in one convenient package. Not sure what a linked dipole is? Click here.

What do you get?

  • One dipole centre piece - designed for RG-58 cable (RG-174 may also be used) with holes for wires and guys
  • Four laser-cut link-insulators
  • Eight crocodile clips - for the links
  • Two end-insulators
  • Four cable ties for attaching the feeder
  • Two Wire Winders for tangle-free deployment
  • Ten metres of Hi-Viz Cord for the ends of the antenna
  • Two high quality aluminium alloy pegs for the ends of the antenna
  • One ferrite ring to make an effective light-weight current balun
  • Detailed instructions.

What else will you need?

You will also need the following items, which are not included in this kit since there are a number of different types that could be used. The best type to use will depend on your application.

  • Antenna wire
  • Co-axial cable (RG58, RG174 or similar)

To build the antenna, you will need basic tools and of course plenty of time. We would estimate it will take about 3 to 4 hours to make up and adjust a three-band linked dipole.

Design your linked dipole online here:

If you are supporting your linked dipole using a telescopic pole, then you will also need some way of attaching the antenna to the pole and of keeping the pole upright. This kit does not include components for that, as the best way to do so will vary based on your antenna dimensions and pole.

Please note that the antenna centre included in this kit is not identical to the centre used in our Bandhopper antennas. The Bandhopper centre is designed for use with RG174 and our lightweight antenna wire  only, the centre in this kit has larger holes and so is compatible with thicker types of coaxial cable and wire as well.

Accessories and related products

Why not complete your antenna with our lightweight antenna wire, pre-terminated cableLiquid Electrical Tape or an antenna bag?

Also available from our international agent(s):  


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  • 5
    Handy kit

    Posted by Dave on 17th Mar 2014

    I have made a couple of linked dipoles with this kit. Hardly worth making bits and pieces yourself at this price.

  • 5
    Useful bits

    Posted by G4IWO Nick on 9th Feb 2014

    Good bag of useful bits - with a little modification have built a 20m quad loop to support from a 10m pole!

  • 5
    The easy option

    Posted by Gerald G4OIG on 13th Nov 2013

    After searching for materials to make a lightweight centre-piece for a dipole for SOTA use, I decided to take the easy option and splash out on the purchase of one of Richard's Linked Dipole Hardware Kits. Logging on to his site I saw they were on special offer, so I bought three! I was making a monoband dipole so I didn't need the link insulators or croc clips, but no doubt at some stage this antenna will become a linked dipole, so they are in my SOTA box waiting for that day. The individual parts are good quality and well designed. I opted to use the centre-piece upside down as I hang my dipoles on a length of nylon cord from the mast using one of Richard's top insulators at the upper end. So, no cutting, no drilling, no filing, no furrowed brow, ..... and to cap it all, they are manufactured in my favourite colour!

  • 4
    Different Centre Connector To What I Expected

    Posted by David VK2DMH on 31st May 2013

    This Sotabeams kit is excellent quality, but the one part I really bought it for is different from what I had expected. The centre connector I received has 7 holes in it - one for the fishing-rod mast and six for the coax and the two antenna wires. This is less useful than the centre connector used for in the pre-made Sotabeam dipoles, which has 15 holes in it. These extra holes allow for much more secure attachment (and stress relief) of the coax and antenna wires; and it also allows you to use cable ties to attach the centre connector to whatever mast supports it. [Admin: product page shows clearly what each item is - see product photograph]

  • 5
    multi band dipole kit

    Posted by martin krawczyk (2m0kau) on 13th May 2013

    bought the kit as it was on special offer , used the lightweight antenna wire from here to make the legs, also the wire winders, to make a light weight dipole. Cut the wires in the center of activity for the bands i use. Nice and quick to construct and deploy/retrieve. The only bit of kit missing, id say, was a center piece for connecting co-ax to the wire, but this is available on here.

  • 5
    4 band link dipole

    Posted by Richard M0RBG on 7th May 2013

    Just built a link dipole for 10/12/15/17 using a couple of kits which make an extremely lightweight antenna. First class products and service once again from SOTAbeams.