Antenna Wire - Lightweight - 100m

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Antenna Wire - lightweight - 100m


100m of similar antenna wire to that which we use for our Band Hopper. A nice ductile wire for easy handling and winding.

Suitable for power levels up to 150 Watts at 50 Ohms.

Available in three colours

  • yellow for high visibility applications, 
  • military-green (MOST POPULAR)
  • brown for stealth applications.

These wires are made for SOTABEAMS to our own specification  


Buy in 500m drums (great for radials etc)

Need a heavier duty wire for permanent use/higher power? Click here for the perfect solution.


  • DEF 61-12 Pt 6
  • Conductor: tinned annealed copper,
  • 0.22mm² total conductor CSA (approx. 24awg)
  • 7/0.2mm conductor stranding,
  • 1.2mm cable diameter,
  • Voltage Rating: 1 kV rms,
  • PVC insulation ,
  • Insulation colours:- Yellow / green / brown,
  • Current Rating: 2.0A at 25 °C,  
  • Resistance: 88 milliOhms/m
  • Velocity factor 0.97
  • Weighs approximately 3.3 grams per metre. 

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  • 5
    antenna wire

    Posted by sedat erhan on 23rd Nov 2019

    Very good quality antenna wire which handles easily 100 W SSB. Stealth and durable. Very satisfied with performance.

  • 5
    Good quality wire

    Posted by Ride on 22nd Nov 2019

    I was looking for a good quality and resistant wire for antennas to My SOTA operations.

  • 5
    Lightweight antenna wire 100m

    Posted by Michael O'Neill on 17th Nov 2019

    On arrival it was unwound and checked over , quality wire , I made and inverted V using my Sota Pole , very good results , worth the money ,

  • 5
    lightweight antenna wire

    Posted by Alex VK2ABE on 15th Nov 2019

    Brilliant stuff, I have the brown colour that disappears from view. Used for doublets, long wire and also to wind loading coils for short vertical antennas, well worth ordering from the UK

  • 5

    Posted by John Rivoire on 23rd Oct 2019

    I purchased this in an attempt to install a temporary and nearly invisible antenna for my ham station at a rental home with power lines crossing the back of my lot. My multiband vertical was too tall to ensure safety with the powerlines. This line was strong enough to thread through a tennis ball and use a compressed air PVC tennis ball cannon to launch it high into an oak tree. I now have a nearly invisible sloped long wire vertical that loads all bands with an MFJ antenna tuner. Radiates great and no problems with my 100 watt transceiver. Best of all, I have most of the roll left. Phenomenal antenna flexibility at a great price!

  • 5
    antenna wire lightweight 100m

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Aug 2019

    Wire is easily handled because of its flexibility. Light weight of wire easily makes setup of 38ft sloper antenna a piece of cake.

  • 5
    Wire antenna

    Posted by Emanuel Branco on 10th Aug 2019

    Excellent product .

  • 5
    antenna wire

    Posted by richard oliver francis on 1st Aug 2019

    like the strength of this cable which is just right for my needs. It is indiscreet, yet visible to our bird friends. Very happy with the cable

  • 5
    Light wire and good isolation

    Posted by Heli on 23rd Jun 2019

    For long wires or quad constructions , here I use it for a 160m kit current sume ant by DL1VU designed

  • 5
    100m lightweight wire.

    Posted by Gordon on 19th Jun 2019

    This wire is so light and thin, it will be Great for portable work. Great price and highly recommended.