ContestConsole for ICOM **NEW**

Download ContestConsole instructions here.

Tune Lead for ContestConsole

WSPRlite and DXplorer 

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High Flier Stand ***NEW***

FT-817 Speech Compressor instructions ***NEW***

Click2Tune for ICOM ***NEW***

USB Electronic Keep-Alive Load Kit 

WSPRlite Power Conditioner 


Low Pass Filter Kits

WSPRlite Low Pass Filter Kit  (kit for PCB V1.1 40-80-160m)

Thingiverse enclosure for PCB V1.1 LPF kit

Three band compact low pass filter PCB V1.2 kit

Thingiverse enclosure for V1.2 PCB Kit

Two Band Low Pass Filter Bare board Kit

Low pass filter band kits



Baluns and Matching Transformers



Pico Tuner and Enclosure

Mountain Tuner Kit

Mountain Tuner

DC Power

BOXA Products

Masts and Guying


Linked Dipole Kit


Band Springer range

Band Hopper range ***IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are using a Band Hopper with our 10m Compact Travel Mast, attach the antenna with a cable tie to the top of section 11 (counted from the bottom). This is about 20ft up and is the perfect height for the antenna centre. Any higher and the antenna may not work properly and your Compact Travel Mast could be damaged.***


Click2Tune Dongle (FT-817-897-857)

Common Mode Choke (Noise Nobbler)

Discontinued Products

Go4Lo SWR-Power Meter

Go4Lo Schematic

2m Beam Kit

Micro Z

Wayfarer antenna

SB6 Six Meter Beam

FT817 High Flier Stand

20m Ground Plane Kit

Adventure Tuner Kit

Vertical Hardware system Kit


Hi Tee Tuner

Battery Monitor


SatNav POI file - suggested parking places for UK SOTA Summits.

Product no longer maintained. Use with caution.