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ContestConsole for ICOM 

Download ContestConsole instructions here               > Tune Lead for ContestConsole  

Low Pass Filter Kits

Three Band Low Pass Filter (V1.2)            Thingiverse enclosure for V1.2 PCB Kit       

> Two Band Low Pass Filter Bare Board Kit             Low Pass Filter Band Kits  


BOXA-DUAL LASERBEAM-DUAL Enclosure Kit       > BOXA-DUAL Schematic      >LASERBEAM-VARI Module

> LASERBEAM-817 Module

> LASERBEAM-DEV Module       > LASERBEAM-DUAL Module       > Using your DSP Filter Unit  

 Baluns and Matching Transformers 

Pico Balun            > Balun Kit 1:1             > Antenna Centre + 4:1 Matching Transformer   


Pico Traps (10 Watt)            > HF Antenna Traps (20 Watt & 100 Watt)  


Pico Tuner and Enclosure  

DC Power

Fuser-6 Fused Powerpole DC distribution box              > Powerpole 4-WAY 

PowerPole Guide       > Soldering PowerPole connectors video                 

BOXA Products

BOXA-LOAD   > MilliWatter Extreme Instructions > BOXA-MWE Schematic   *    BOXA-MWE User instructions 

 Masts and Guying

 > Tactical Mini Mast (6m)      > Compact Travel Mast (10m)      > SOTAPOLES (7m and 10m)

Multi-Function Guying Kit     > Guying Kit GK7 or GK10 (7m or 10m poles)     > Rotating Guying Kit 7 and 10   Suction Clamp Kit   

> Video - Erecting Masts with our BandHopper antennas 


Band Springer range        > Band Hopper range      > Linked Dipole Kit   (Linked Dipole Designer by Rob DM1CM )

> Video - Erecting Masts with our BandHopper Anennas



Discontinued Products

WSPRlite Low Pass Filter Kit  (kit for PCB V1.1 40-80-160m)   *    High Flier Stand   *    Common Mode Choke (Noise Nobbler)   *    Mountain Tuner Kit   *    Mountain Tuner   *    Phonepole Mini   *    BOXA-SWR   *    BOXA-TEST   *    BOXA-MWE Schematic   *    BOXA-MWE User instructions   *    BOXA-MWE Construction instructions V1.0   *    Go4Lo SWR-Power Meter   *    Go4Lo Schematic   *    2m Beam Kit   *    2m Multi Function Dipole   *     Micro Z   *    Wayfarer antenna   *    SB6 Six Meter Beam   *    FT817 High Flier Stand   *    20m Ground Plane Kit   *    Adventure Tuner Kit   *    Vertical Hardware system Kit   *    SB270   *    Hi Tee Tuner   *    Battery Monitor  

SOTA SatNav POI file - suggested parking places for UK SOTA Summits. (Product no longer maintained. Use with caution)